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  • Installing TJ shafts in a disconnect YJ/XJ D30

    The TJ front axle shaft conversion in a YJ is a very simple process and can be done with simple backyard mechanic tools. This will strengthen your axle by eliminating the unreliable vacuum disconnect setup. Most YJ's and early XJ's will benefit from gaining a larger u-joint (297-x) from this process as well.

    Parts needed:
    TJ front axle shafts (passenger side only if you already have the bigger joints)
    One TJ inner axle seal for driver side (you can use your old YJ seal, but why not change it while you're in there?)
    One CR seal part number 11800 or comparable

    Parts reccommended:
    axle tube seals

    Remove wheels and brake assemblies
    Remove hub/bearing assemblies
    Remove disconnect vaccuum motor/shift fork
    Remove axle shafts from both sides (discard shift collar)
    Remove splined insert inside the disconnect housing in the left axle tube
    Remove axle seal inside the disconnect housing in the right axle tube
    Remove differential cover
    Remove carrier (keep bearing caps on the same side and keep top on top/bottom on bottom
    Remove driver side axle seal and replace with new seal
    Install CR seal number 11800 inside the passenger side axle tube right next to the carrier (just like the drivers side)
    ***Be sure to put some gear lube on the inside of the new seals where the new shaft will ride so they do not leak
    Re-install carrier (be sure to keep bearing caps exactly as they were and torque to manufacturers specs)
    Make a flat plate to cover the opening where the disconnect motor was or remove the fork from the disconnect housing and plug off the vacuum ports to seal housing
    (seal with RTV silicone and hold in place with the same bolts you took the motor off with)
    Install outer axle shaft seals
    Install TJ axle shafts
    Install hub/bearing assemblies
    Install brake assemblies
    Install wheels/tires
    Grease outer axle shaft seals with grease gun and waterproof grease

    That's it!

    Tips to remove old axle shaft seals:
    I found that a long 3/8" drive ratchet extension inserted from the outside of the axle tube is the best to remove the old seal

    To install the new seals I used a 1" pipe inserted from the outside of the opposing axle tube and a socket that fits neatly inside the new seal. The passenger side seal will take a good beating to get it to seat correctly since there was never a seal in there before. I have never had any problems with leaking on either side of my front axle and neither has any of the other Jeeps that I've done this conversion to. Any more questions just pm/email/call me and I'll be glad to help.

    Brian Stewart
    4WD Hardware
    Sales Supervisor
    1-800-333-5535 x854

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    can you also use xj axels and