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  • CV alternative and mod link page!!!!

    This will be an ongoing sticky to supply you all with necessary info/links to mods and fixes.
    Thanks to:
    Hope it helps ya

    CV JOINT MOD...thanks to mud slinga...

    speedo gears

    T-case shifter hitting yur tub?

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    can your jeep do it

    Putting a lift in????
    state lift laws
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    cheap CV alternative

    I got my SYE on and needed a CV shaft so I was looking around and had read that a front XJ shaft will work if you shorten it. So I went to my local junkyard and got one for 45 bucks (already pulled ) I take it home and measure from center of the yoke to center of the yoke (with weight on the suspension) mine was ~21.5" but I also have the wb stretched back ~2.5" with waggy springs. I had my bro drop it off at a local 4x4 shop to have it shortened since he works right beside one. I got it back a few days later
    now the fun begins. I got new U-joints from advanced for the re-assembly.
    but first I had to remove the middle of the CV joint off of the cut part of the shaft.
    that is the easiest way I have found to remove U-joints. Just find a socket bigger then the end cap place it in a vise and put the socket on and nail the socket with a hammer until the end cap can be taken out.
    ready fo re-assembly after paint (I used duct tape to cover up the grease fitting and the inside of the yokes where the U-joint caps go into. I also find it easier to put the U-joints in if you take sand paper to the inside of the yoke and sand it down some.)
    first install the inner U-joint
    then intstall the outer part of the cv
    next place the "middle" part of the cv on
    don't forget that a spring goes in between the "middle" cv and the driveshaft
    then just put in the last U-joint and your done with re-assembly.
    I don't have it in the jeep yet (regearing to 4.88's) but I used grade 8 bolts I got from work to mount it to the output shaft on the t-case, and on the axle I have the M.O.R.E. adapter plate for the 8.8 so just install that on the U-joint and your done! Also don't forget to take it back to the place that shortened it so they can balance it as well!

    Price list:
    Front XJ shaft from a 94 XJ - $45.00
    Shorten and balancing of the driveshaft - $150.00 (if you can weld yourself then you will be saving ALOT more then I did)
    U-Joints from advanced - $30.00 (the one on the axle side is greasable the other two in the CV part are non-greasable)
    and the 5/16 x 1 1/4" fine thread grade 8 bolts - $5.00 (just guessing I got mine for free and I had to custom fab them cause I had 1.5" bolts but they were too long.

    Grand total = $230.00 (if you can weld yourself then you will be making out much cheaper then a custom cut CV shaft)

    and the Finished product
    I'm sure there are write-ups for this but I was board and took the pics so I thought I would do somthing useful
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      Nice write up, Mud Slinga


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        pretty good, thanx a lot, that's something I've to do soon, still try to avoid it ;o)


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          Good writeup. Another tool for the "gotta have all the tools in the world guy" is this one i picked up at Harbor freight. Works GREAT! They list it for $39.99. I kept an eye on their ads and got it for $19.99.

          U-Joint Press Kit


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            Also some more specs for you guys, on my left over end I measured the thickness and it is .125" and it is double seamed.


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              Another good source for CV shafts is Bronco II's and explorer front shafts. The sploder front shaft is pretty beefy.


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                Originally posted by sbacon
                Good writeup. Another tool for the "gotta have all the tools in the world guy" is this one i picked up at Harbor freight. Works GREAT! They list it for $39.99. I kept an eye on their ads and got it for $19.99.


                U-Joint Press Kit
                Also works for ball joints.


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                  94 and up dodge rams are just like that to


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                    Excelent work. A man with a mind. have you ran it yet?


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                      for a good write up with pictures on a twin stick install on in a Dana 300

                      CLICK THIS LINK


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                        Gear Setup

                        Here is a newly released writeup on Gear Installation...

                        Excellent descriptions of all process needed to be done as well as explanation of the mystical backlash....

                        Enjoy the read very informative!

                        Clicky Here:




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                          The pictures helped, thanks!

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                            I like all the info you guys shared here. I got these in my cj5 brand new rear broke before I got to use it wut a bummer. I posted in cj forum and got some good ideas there to. In process of dropping tranny/trans x another 1.5-2in so I can go single cardagan joint. past experience mine (cv) ball joint wears out way to quickly, any more ideas you have is much appreciated.