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  • Gas Mileage

    I just recently bought a 2005 Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon. I decided to go with the automatic because I do a decent amount of city driving, and I have driven a manual for the past 3 or 4 years. So I do realize I did not choose the best combination for decent gas mileage. However, I was just wondering what mods, if any, would be the best for just giving a little help to my gas mileage. I have done no mods to it at all, so it is stock as far as a Unlimited Rubicon goes. Any suggestions would be great, thanks.

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    First things first..

    Fuel consumption seems to be a popular topic lately....

    I would start with a free flowing intake...K&N and the like.
    Then get a throttle body spacer on that thing
    Then start considering a hi-flow exhaust from the header all the way to the tailpipe.

    Other than'd be amazed what your driving habits can add or subtract from your mileage. Good luck!


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      Yeah, I've been told that after a couple thousand miles are on it, it will get better mileage as well...donno if that is true, but what I was told. I try to drive it pretty tamely, had a vette that I just sold, so I'm kinda out of that whole speeding mood! I was also wondering about the spacer you mentioned...will that affect my warranty at all? I wouldn't think it would, however, it is pretty close to an actual engine mod...didn't know if you would know the answer to that or not? Thanks for the suggestions by the way, probably gonna have to go with the k&n filter etc. first.


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        I can't be sure if that voids the warrantee or not....I would check with the mfg. of the spacer, or even a tech at your local Jeep dealer. I'd find it hard to believe if it did. As for the K&N....I went with the FIPK...which (in case you weren't aware) includes a new intake tube, cone filter, mounting hardware, and heat shield. It's a slick piece that is real easy to install. Check out my site! I have instructions and general info on installs for a bunch of stuff including the exhaust.
        There is also a mfg link page on my site. Look up Street & Performance Electronics. That's whose TB spacer I am running. Good luck!


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          If you were worried about gas milage why the h did you buy a Jeep. If your engine is under warranty any, I repeat any, modification to the fuel system, the ignition system or any other major system. risks having the warranty voided. Even changing the air intake can be a problem. It's a Jeep. Learn to live with its shortcomings or buy a honda. If your jeep gets above 12 mpg around town with that auto consider yourself blessed. Enjoy what your jeep does. It can go places other vehicles can't and has almost limitless parts and assessories to personalize it. Jeeps are cool buy they do not sip gas, they guzzle.


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            I don't know man .... you seem to get mad when people ask about saving gas. I get from 18-20 miles per gallon in my Jeep. '99 5-manual 3.07 gears Dana 35/30 combo. 18 is with the hardtop on in winter, and 20 is with the soft top in summer-ish times. I find that the bets way to save gas is not wromp on the gas and stay under 2K RPM's when possible - which also means driving at 65 on the highways.

            PS: I have no modification to the engine ... No Special air filter, spacers, tornado crap, etc ....

            Good luck!


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              Even if the spacer affected the warranty, it takes what, five minutes to get it off? Similar deal with the intake. If something breaks and you take it in to the dealer, pop the originals back on. Not that I can imagine how these two things would even begin to void a warranty.
              The exhaust is another story though. Those headers are a little trickier to get on and off.
              I agree about driving style, I don't push it very far over 2k RPMs often, unless I need to, and I get at least 16 mpg.


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                It just seems very odd to dwell on milage instead of other performance issues. Most performance modifications, to Jeeps or to other vehicles, will decrease milage. For best milage you need hard, skinny tires, low numerical gearing, light weight, good aerodynamics and an engine tuned so lean that the head is ready to melt. A Jeep is sturdy, works best with big soft tires, high numerical gearing, weighs a lot for a vehicle its size due to the full frame and drive train, has the aerodynamics of a flying brick and is a little more reliable if not set up to run super lean. So to me, and its just my opinion, talking about milage from a jeep is like talking about drag racing a garden tractor. It just puzzles me. You have a right to post about it and I have a right to give you s%@ about it. You can also give me s&%#. Its what makes this fun. By the way if you really are getting 20mpg I don't think there is much you can do to improve it. Ive never done better than 15.
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                  i get from 17 - 22 mpg on my tj (4.0 L manual 5 speed) 3.73 gears, 30" gsa wrangler tires.

                  if you do better than that, i'd like to know how... most of the time my gas mileage is towards the lower end of that range. only on highway trips do i get towards the uppper end.

                  yeah, this thing isn't aerodynamically slick. in fact it's a brick on 4 wheels. the hard skinny tires that the army used on jeeps for years probably offer the best mileage (cannot swear they are d.o.t. approved).


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                    Well Mr. Beavis...I believe I actually did say that I am well aware I did not choose the best thing for great gas mileage, I've actually owned a wrangler before. I was simply wondering if there was anything to help a little, again, as I stated in my first entry. There is nothing wrong with me just asking if there is any way to improve my MPG. If there were a way to get 25 MPG instead of 12 MPG in your Jeep I'm sure you would want to know about it. My last Jeep was a '97 Sahara 6" Rancho, 9,000lb. Warn winch, Borla headers and exhaust, K&N intake system, and I got about 13 MPG without redoing the gears. So, my point is I was just curious, chill out with your smart@ss comments and let people ask questions, even if you thing they are stupid, ignorant, or whatever else.
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                      I, too have a thirsty 2005 Wrangler. Thirteen mpg on a good day, but its a Jeep and whos counting? It is kind of alarming though, that my last two ford superduty diesels, my suburban and tahoe, all with automatic transmissions and 4x4, got much better gas mileage! I'm much more dismayed about the performance of the absolutely useless overdrive! I found out how to deal with it. Turn it off. I am going to do the FIPK, spacer, 62 mm throttle body and the exhaust improvements. I'll net some power, maybe some efficiency, but I'm going to drive it like I stole it and have some fun with it.

                      As I add the mods, I'll post my observations. I hope you all will do the same.



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                        Gas Prices

                        This wouldn't be much of an issue if we weren't paying out the @$$ for gas these days. They jack up the price of gas then bring it. down just a bit to make us feel comfortable paying a price we would have thought ridiculous six months before. Oh well, get what you can out of it and enjoy driving an awesome vehicle. Good topic though.