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  • warn winch: nylon or wire?

    im in the process of doing a dual battery/winch setup right now.. and maybe running something like a warn m8000i

    which is a better choice? personal preference?

    i know with the wire setup caution has to be taken with a rag/shirt/stick/your buddies shorts on top to take slag if its ever snapped under stress

    same thing with a nylon or synthetic rope for a winch?

    just curious thanks =]

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    The nylon synthetic will just fall to the ground if it snaps. If it is a new winch and the steel cable is good, I would just use that until it goes bad, then go with nylon.


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      Not sure what your trying to get at here...

      Most people prefer Rope over Cable, the benifits generally outweigh the downfalls. Some situations cable is better, but for most of the time rope is great and safer.

      Opinion: I would highly reccomend using Rope like Amasteel blue or similar


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        ok thanks, appreciate the help.

        the post isnt made to fix/solve a problem, just mainly out of curiosity. i havent heard or read that much talk between them, and i didnt know if one suited a particular need or if it even mattered.

        ill definately check out amasteel blue


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          Winch rope is much better in my eyes than cable. Safety is the number one reason!

          Check out these:


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            If you use your winch a bunch dont use dyneema directly on the drum wrap of your Warn. Dyneema has a tendency to constrict under load and over time could interfere with Warns internal drum brake. While the internal drum brake is a great system, squezing the drum in on it may cause it to drag. Get a technora leader for the first 2 drum wraps and weave it into some dyneema as the operational end. If you look at the $600 winch rope Warn sells, they have done exactly what Im suggesting, and for good reason. Winches that dont have internal drum brakes are fine with Dyneema on the drum.


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              Ok elaborate please!

              Dyneema... Never heard that term before.

              And in particular, the internal drum brake types are your typical M8000-9500 and x8000-9500i type. The 8274 is external. Correct right?


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                Originally posted by Adventure Bob
                If you use your winch a bunch dont use dyneema directly on the drum wrap of your Warn. Dyneema has a tendency to constrict under load and over time could interfere with Warns internal drum brake.

                Originally posted by oros35
                Ok elaborate please!

                Dyneema... Never heard that term before.

                So if you don't use your winch much is it ok?
                Mines been sitting on the shelf a while and I was getting worried.
                Ok, all kidding aside I am planning to mount it to my ride now, and I have nylon line I was planing to use.
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                  There Will Come A Day When..

                  I will be able to obtain a wench system and bull bar for our jeep, and the first thing we considered was, the nylon rope. I have used the cable type with a home made wench my father build in the 70's and it gave me and others nothing but head aches.

                  The cable can get rusty and once off the spool, you have to fight with the wire twisting on you or even "springing" back onto your jeep. Granted, never use this type of set up with out proper protection, gloves, safety glasses, etc.


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                    ^^^^^^^^^^^ that is another large reason why i asked if it mattered, because once the wire/cable gets used a good bit, the barbs of a wire can split your hands wide open if your not using gloves to handle it

                    in this case ill get the winch and use the synthetic "mix" rope, easier on the auto drum braking as well as the safer and more logical thing to do =]

                    gloves still apply

                    thanks for the clarification on my part =D


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                      my buddies and I have been rumaging around with whats best and whats not
                      nylon cons:
                      -under heavy load, the rope can cut into the spooled rope, making it a pain to get out
                      -best to change from roller fairline to a billet one rollers can damage the cable when pulling at angles
                      -gets sliced by sharp rocks - - mainly what we wheel with
                      -less notification before breaking, it just snaps.. wire usually twings or twangs (scarry feelin when you hear that)
                      -IT FLOATS!! good if your mudding..dang i hate loosing wire in the mud
                      -your not gona slice your hands like wire rope
                      -it wont kink like wire
                      -craploads lighter
                      -wont carrode like wire will
                      -doesnt whip, just falls

                      WIRE CONS:
                      -barbs from split wire
                      -can kink
                      -sinks in water
                      -flings when snaps
                      -takes pulling from hard angles better (wont bind up as easy on the drum)
                      -wont "cut" into the spool if wound correctly
                      -can take rock abuse better than rope
                      -notification before it snaps
                      -you can use a roller fairline
                      -easier to wind up
                      -wont melt if you have to pull the truck out of the fire (dont ask)

                      -you can double the line..we have had nylon get pinched and caught in a snatch block, damaging it to the point that it needed to be replaced (like when your noob friend uses your new strap to pull his truck out by the shackle)

                      on my truck, I use wire rope.. but im abusing the wire on rocks more than anything else.. i also pack a bag that slings over the rope that you can throw rocks into to hold down..


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                        Heres the skinny on synthetic types:

                        Liquid Crystal Polymer Fiber
                        Vectran, made by Celanese advanced materials in SC

                        Gel spun polyethyleneHigh Abrasion and UV resistance

                        Dyneema made by DSM in Holland
                        Brands: Amsteel, Viking, Masterpull, Superline

                        Spectra is made by Allied Signal
                        Brands: Plasma,

                        Kevlar, AramidTechnora made by Teijin

                        Each has properties that have benefits based on usage. Dyneema is cheap because they sell so much of it. It does stretch and has some constriction effect. This makes it not so suitable for winches with internal drum brakes. Spectra and Kevlar have less constriction but in turn dont wear as well over time. Vectran has nearly no stretch but is rather fragile copmpared to others.