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  • 95 Jeep Cherokee Front end vibration

    Symptoms: At speeds above 40mph will begin to shake and vibrate violently after hitting a bump. Usually something like a pothole, joint in the road or railroad tracks. I’ll need to slow down to about 20mph before I can regain control of the car.

    What I’ve done so far:

    At Midas:

    Rotated and balanced tires

    Turned Rotors

    Replaced Stabilizer Arm

    Replaced Bushings

    Checked bearings

    Front end alignment

    Replaced gear box

    At Transmission place:

    Replaced transfer case (not related to problem though)

    So I get frustrated and take it to the dealer yesterday.

    At Jeep/Chrysler:

    Replaced Track Bar

    So it STILL shakes. I’ve just about replaced everything. Any clues?

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    Definitely sounds like the famed "Death Wobble" or pogoing. Have you been able to get it fixed yet? If not maybe I can help since I've had this also. Most times it's the track bar needing to be replaced but since you had that replaced and it still has the prob I'm going to say put new shocks on the front end. I had this on our previous jeep (93 Cherokee) once and it almost got us killed. Ireplaced the shocks even though they didn't seem worn out, also needed new tires at that time which was done just after the shocks. Never felt that wobble again. hope this helps.


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      Thanks for the reply.

      It seems as htough it may be fixed.... The tires that were on there were the point that it rubbed against the wheel well on sharp turns. I needed new tires and had factory spez ones put on. So far, it seems like everything's ok....

      I think it was a combo...

      Track Bar
      Front Stablizer

      And of course...if it STILL isn't fixed, I'll post again!


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        Glad to hear you got it fixed.


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          95 vibrations

          in addition to what you have already done if you go with bigger tires all of the links will start to wear out fast inner outer tie rods sterring stabilizer ect had same problem with my old 93 gc after front end alignment the guy tightened up the steering gear box the dealership just wanted to replace it


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            Look I had the same issue but less money to throw away on not knowing what the prob. was. Hopefully by now it is fixed, if not try this. My Tires I had were worn in a wierd way after not being rotated and sitting at the dealership for an extended amount of time. So to the point that it was irreversible even if you rotate. BUY NEW......This will fix the problem I am sure of it.....