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  • Head Gasket Maybe?

    OK, I found this with the search....

    have you check the head gasket? a blown head gasket might have these symptoms:

    leaking radiator
    milkshake colored oil,
    rough running,
    coolant or oil running from head,
    spark plug(s) that have a green tint (if green coolant), white colored or sweet smelling Jeep exhaust

    Lemme tell you what happened. This is my father in law's Jeep, and this is what I can gather from him. It's a 92 YJ with the 5 speed four banger with 120000 or so on the speedo. The Jeep had a bad miss and no power a couple of months ago. His next door neighbor thought it was a fuel injector, and the pulled the rail and soaked the injectors. Problem solved. Brother in law is loaned the Jeep, he notices a small coolant leak, but kept an eye on it and drove it about a month. He takes a one hour trip to Wilmington, and looses power on the way, pulls over and VERY quickly the temp shot up, so he shut it down and called me. The radiator had a sprung a larger leak, and blew the coolant into the intake on the airfilter, which soaked the air filter and I found residue from the event all the way to the throttle body. I sprayed cleaner in there, cleaned all parts, replaced thermostat, hoses and radiator, spark plugs, and changed the oil. We take it down the road and it still has a miss, very rough acceleration, smooth idle (as smooth as a four banger can be) no power and about a mile down the road it overheats. I get it home, and bypass the heater core, and it overheats. I pulled the thermostat and it of course does not overheat and will not reach temperature (logical). At start up, I have steamy exhaust that continues until I have run it down the road a mile or so. It has no water in the oil. When we first got it running we heard loud pops and cracks in the exhaust pipe and it unloaded a large amount of white steam and heavy black soot (in other words, the soot hit the ground and stained it, but the steam rose) The engine has run over an hour trouble shooting and testing after the above were completed. I'm thinking any water in the throttle body would be gone. When I replaced the spark plugs, I found the plugs in the following condition, from rear of vehicle to the fronts, they were relatively new, so no electrode wear could be seen. The last plug, was black with a nasty residue and the start of build up between the conductor and the electrode, but it could have happened pulling them, the third cylinder was normal, the second was dark but not bad and the first was normal. Any thoughts? I've been working on this thing for two days.

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    Start It And Check To See If You Have Alot Of Bubbles In You Coolant Tank Or Rad. Sounds Like Head Gasket Or Timing Issue.just Some Thing To Look At.


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      LOTS O bubbles in the overflow tank.....I'm really feeling the head gasket thing.


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        It Is Your Head Gasket. Blowing Ex Back In Water . Sorry.


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          Originally posted by gnarly
          LOTS O bubbles in the overflow tank.....I'm really feeling the head gasket thing.
          Lots of tiny bubbles in the radiator is not fine, does not make one happy.....
          Does not make one smile........


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            Fix ya head gasket problem???

            Sounds like when the brother-in-law drove it, he went too far before realizing that it was overheating. The miss could be that the wires got soaked w/coolant, not a good thing. Cap could be soaked too. Hope all works out for ya. Good luck.