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  • Outer door handle replacement

    ok so this is probably so simple that i'm just trying to think too hard about it but here goes....

    have any of you ever replaced your outer door handles on a TJ? and if so how on earth am i supposed to do it? i took off the inner door panel and can visibly see all the inner workings for the inside door handle but i'm not quite seeing how to get past the metal part of the door that is blocking my access to the outer handle. there is a small opening about 6" below where the handle sits but it doesnt seem like it would be all that helpful for anything.

    this is the first time i've been at a loss for how to fix something. not that i need to fix it...the handles just really really rusted and i wanted to fix it before i managed to break it off come winter & ice... so i'm feeling incredibly stupid right now.

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    has not happened to me yet. will be following the replies. good question. will be helpful if it happens to me then.


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      This is hard to explain...but I'll try like hell.

      Once the inner panel is off and you can see back of the outer paddle handle, take a flashlight and look on both sides of the handle from inside the door cavity. You will see 2 metal on each side, with teeth. There is also a metal retaining spring that keeps that toothed metal piece from coming loose. The idea is to bend that spring away enough to prop it up out of the teeth, and tap the toothed piece up and out from underneath. They will be VERY rusty probably and the spring piece will likely break. I never needed to replace the spring retainer...just tapped in the toothed piece so it fit extra snug. I hope that answers your question. It's a little difficult to get in there, but it can be done.


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        Thanks for the help Tony. I'll have to have another look at it this weekend. for the life of me i couldn't find any help online or in the manuals. so at this point you just gave me the only direction i have to work with... much appreciated.


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          No problem of luck to you. It's not bad...just tedious. Never underestimate the power of good lighting. Light it up in there, you'll see what I'm talking about. Before I re-assembled, I wire brushed the rusted retainer pieces (the toothed thing) and shot it with a little rattle can action once it was in there in a feeble attempt to keep it from rusting badly again.