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  • Radiator Overfill Bottle

    Call it what you want, but it works. in the spare of the moment.

    Go buy a 2 litre bottle of Coke or whatever your preference is & drink it.... clean out the bottle & peal of the label so no one knows :lol: & mount it w/ tye-wraps in the engine compartment & fill it a little over 1/2 way w/anti-freeze & there you have it...... a quick & cheap way to have a overfill bottle.

    P.S. Keep the hose from the radiator cap a 1/2" off the bottom of the bottle & cut it @ an angle aprox 1" for a pick-up angle. Oh & I left off the cap. Hose dia. 5/16"

    Just a thought, & I have it on my CJ & it works.

    Have A Great Day!


  • #2
    I've got a lil square aftermarket one that I picked up at VatoZone for around 5 bucks. Its small and was easy to mount out of the way.


    • #3
      Well b-4 I even read your post I knew it had to do something w/ the square thing.

      I'll check it out.

      But it's a good fixer upper in the spare the spare time. :lol:

      See ya,

      Oh, P.S. Did ya use a Sawzalllll to install it! :lol:

      Have a good one Ueland,



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        He, he. I got a water bottle imported from Figi. Figured Id make it all fancy Were talkin an $8 bottle of water. Classy


        • #5
          my 5 had a rubbermaid worked just fine



          • #6
            I'm using a windshield washer reservoir (spelling?) out of an older Chevy pickup. Already had a screen for the pickup at the bottom of the bottle and the hose hooked right up to the nipple on the lid. All I had to do was drill two holes in the passenger side fender, and it fit like it was supposed to be there.

            Its price was the best of all, free!


            • #7
              I still have the one that the Jeep came with? Will this be OK or should I go get a diffrent one?


              • #8
                I don't have one. Never had a problem so far, unless I over fill it and then it blows it out. I tried one of those square ones but I think it was real close to my alternator or something so I decided to go with the stock set up of not having one.