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  • far fetched suggestion

    I don't normally like to make reference to other forums, but in this case, the message I try to avoid is not there.
    Another forum I frequent ( has a interactive app where you can build your own personal custom rifle virtually. ( )
    The finished product gives you a profile that can be saved to your forum profile, it comes out with a parts list with prices. I wasn't even done reading about the app when I started thinking about
    How awesome would this be for Jeeps? Many, many times I have thought about photochoping a profile of my jeep onto other's picturs just to check how the wheels, lifts, bumpers would look.
    If had their own 300+pg catalog, I don't know how in depth their app would be respectivly, but I can only imagine how monumental of a task this would be. I can fully understand if I get nothing more than a laugh, and a grin.

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    With us using vbulletin, our options for custom mods is limited or pay for upgrades. I can't tell what forum software the link you provided is using.


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      I didn't read into it to much but I saw flash app.
      That would be something that is independent of the forum software.


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        It's a custom built site as per the following:

        " In 2001, after a few years with troubled software and an ever expanding user base, AR15.Com scrapped the common software used throughout the internet and begin to create custom software for their users. The site changed to better handle the flow of information as well as a new goal, the long term storage of information. As site costs grew, the hobby quickly became a business, requiring the added support of the community in order to continue.

        AR15.Com has since dedicated itself to continued improvements and expansion of services. Having secured top notch network services, hardware, and software, site work often entails a large amount of database tweaking and expanded coding to ensure everything is optimized and functioning at high levels. The stability of the site, which was often it's greatest weakness, is now it's biggest strength."


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          That would be pretty cool if 4WD could swing it.


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            That sux, I thought it would be pretty high end. ar15 has a sick amount of members.
            Just this minute, never mind the nearly 2000 team members and members online, they have 8600+ guests online.
            I was just hoping against hope that we'd be able to see something similar.
            Keep up the good work Forum Staff, y'all do a helluva job as is. Thanks anyway.