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  • bigger picture uploads

    I tried to upload some photos from my digi cam to the site. I took them in the VGA form, and they were 56.3kb to big, maybe knock it up a notch. I am able to upload these same photos to all the other forums I visit.



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    Maybe knock yours down a notch?


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      what is vga form? Whats the actual size of the images? Whats the resolution? save the image smaller and if you need to show something bigger, just link to it. Even with fast internet, its a real pain to read through a thread when people upload HUGE images.


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        I just use photobucket. It sizes them perfect for forums, and has options for email & IM, Direct link, HTML code, and IMG code. I use IMG code for the forums. Comes out this big:


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          yeah, I use them also, but I was thinking about the guys that dont already have an account setup.

          I just uploaded that from my desktop, to the photobucket, and it says the file is 135kb on my desktop, but when I try to upload the file, it says its 37.7kb too big. How can that be it says my limit is 1.9 mb

          VGA, its the lowest picture size my camera will take, it just says VGA for E-Mails. I upload to the other forums ok.


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            how many other images do you have uploaded on this forum? You have a limit for total images, you might have reached your limit.


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              none, I use photobucket most of the time. I just happened to be lazy that day and decided to upload them to the forum, thats when i noticed the problem.