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  • Sport Factory Fog Lights

    I have a 99 XJ with the factory sport fog lights.

    The short description is they dont work, I swaped the relay (no luck) also checked and it appears all the fuses are good, (i have not gone though the process of testing them with a VOM). The indicator light on the switch doesnt even light up.

    I have not pulled the bulbs out let to see if they are blown but I would think the indicator would at least light up when switched on even if the bulbs are blown.


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    i'd hot wire the lights to the battery to make sure they work then jump the wires on the switch to see if its the switch. the little light on the rocker switch will only light up when the lights are on since its on the same circuit in a way and thats why its an indicator light.
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      Good Idea

      Good Idea, I will grab a scrap of wire and try that tonight when I get home from work.


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        Do NOT, I repeat DO NOT jump the lights to the switch. You will for sure risk frying the switch. The factory switch on the '99 is rated for less than an amp and sole purpose is to activate the coil on the fog lamp relay.

        For sure check the lamps themselves. That should have been the first thing you did.


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          Jumping the Lights

          It is ok to disconnect the ligts and jump them to the batt. correct? Not involving the switch?

          I would not have jumped the lights direcly off the back of the switch... actually i guess i can take my meter and see if I get power to the light inself. to test the lighting circuit.

          I have only had the Jeep for about a 2-3 days so I am just working out the gremleins etc..



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            Originally posted by billymcc99
            It is ok to disconnect the ligts and jump them to the batt. correct? Not involving the switch?


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              dont bother with a test light checking the wires to the light. just go from the battery to the wires at the light and see if both lights work. make sure u got the right relay replacement. connect both wires together that are on the switch and see if the lights work. if that still fails, check for power at the switch with a test light. if power ther, move to the relay and see if its getting power from the switch. if thers no power at the switch, thers something wrong with the wire coming to the switch from a power source. thers also the involvement of the high beams limiting when the fog lights can be on. do those checks and see what ya get.


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                Sport Fog Light

                Not knowing where the plug in for the light may be. My 1988 was behind the
                grille behind the turn signal lamp. I would start their if the lights work with direct power.Check power to the lamps at that connection. Also check for corrosion at the relay plug in.It is mounted to the radiator support left of the
                air box.


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                  Fog Light update

                  The bulbs seem to be fine, i swaped the relay, with the AC relay (same part number) no help.

                  I got a Hayes manual, that has the wiring diagram, (should I say several of them)

                  It seems that there are several diagrams used over the years, but it appears the one thing in common is that they all seem to be conected to the HL circuit some how.

                  I will do some further trouble shooting and post what I finally figure out.


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                    the way they are connect to the HL circuit is that the power to them is shut off completely when the high beams are on. legally, they can only be on with low beams. im not sure where that interaction takes place but my guess would be the power to the switch is affected.