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  • KC Daylighters kit (quick ?)

    Just a quick question about the KC Daylighters kit im going to pick up. Can i run the power wire directly off the positive battery terminal and have it as its own circuit with a relay and a switch. I really don't want to mess with the factory headlight wiring and such. Should i look at getting an in-line fuse and if so where should i get one? And what amperage do the 150watt kc's run on?


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    you can do that but i would recomend an inline fuse, any autoparts store should have them, even walmart. i'd recomend 10-20amps. or you could do what i did, all my offroad lights are wired through magnetic circuit breaking switches, so when power spikes to 25 amps through the switch it trips the circuit and all i have to do is turn it off and back on agian.

    my headlights are on they're own relay'd circuit though, i got my inline fuses at pep boys and i run 30 amp fuses in there cause i have 12 gauge wires and 190watt bulbs


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      Thats the best way to do it. I put the relay under the factory fuse box on my '02. Fit real nice. And I jumped power for the switch from the cigarette lighter.

      Watt = amps X volts

      Amps= Watts/Volts = 150 watts / 12 Volts = 12.5 amps X 2 lights 25amps

      So put a 30amp fuse inline and you should be OK. (25 would work ok too, Just carry a spare fuse)
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        rock on, i should have known to do the math...... .

        oh well, hopefully i can pick them up today and install tonight. weeeee.