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  • The Jeep Lives

    Finally got my CJ out for the first time since december, and after about $700 worth of repairs and upgrades, it's a night and day difference.

    The list of repairs/upgrade as listed:

    1. Front Axle - new carrier bearings/races, axle joints, axle seals, pinion seal, new wheel bearings packed with marine grease, rebuilt the worn hubs(also marine grease), front driveshaft u-joints and strap kits

    2. Suspension - 2" lift shackles with all poly busings, HD trussed spring hangers, superlift 4" lift shocks, extended brake lines(front)

    3. Steering - new steering shaft from column to box, pitman arm seal in steering box

    4. Engine - Edlebrock Performer aluminum intake, Holley 600cfm carb(fresh rebuild), K&N filter, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, pcv valve, 160* thermostat valve cover gaskets, painted valve covers yellow, fuel filter, washer pump, radiator cap, oil change, new p/s fluid, brake fluid, coolant

    5. Misc - removed cat. converters, shortened front bumper 6" per side capeed ends and painted flat black, new speakers nothin nice, rewired fog lights, mossy oak seat covers

    everything came out pretty good, still have to finish the T-case drop, put 12k winch on, and get a new rear bumper(anyone have one?)

    just thought id let everyone know a bit about my winter project, if youd like to see any pics of anything, i will take them and post em.

    If anyone is interested in the stock intake and carb, will sell pretty cheap, also have 2 aftermarket CATCO converters if anyone needs them, also sell cheap

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    Sounds great! You should be able to pull anything out with the 12k winch.


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      good job feels really good to have it back on the road i long did the front axle take you anyway?...i've got all the stuff to rebuild mine (dana 30) from the rooter to the tooter but i don't think i can get it done fast enough (daily driver)...what does it cost to have one done somewhere, labor wise?...everybody i call either turns the job down or never calls back


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        honestly, the axle isnt that bad to do. i cant give ya an exact time because i tore it down, cleaned and examined everything, ordered what i needed then put it back together. im a mechanic by trade so its what i do, but if you know what your doing or have someone there with you that does, you can do it in a night from rotor to rotor including the pinion. as for laborwise, i dont know, i would recomend doing it yourself, besides a puller for the pinion, 1 1/8" socket for pinion nut, and a wheel bearing nut socket(i use a hammer and chisel) its mainly hand tools most jeepers have in a nice tool kit. just take pics and set things in the order they came out, like your wheel bearings, nut and washers. i think altogether with parts and such i had less than $100 and less than 6 hours in it. IMO, make a saturday of it, take your time and youll be able to do it, then if it goes again you dont have to pay twice and if you find its not that bad, which its not, you can make a few bucks doin someone elses, good luck and if ya have any ?'s, ill give ya the best advice i can


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          well im getting a car now too so i will be able to do it...a guy brought in a '93 toyota camry to the shop where i work...he wanted some leaks checked out and ended up offering to sell it to me for 300$...turns out his dad bought it for him and he didn't want it and surely didn't want to drive it back to runs great, just needs a pan gasket on the tranny and a front valve cover gasket....what a sweet deal though
          and thanks for the info on the me a bit more confidence, timewise...all i need is a mount for my dial indicator and its on...thanks


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            honestly, since its your front axle and im going to assume that you will only have your hubs locked in when wheeling, i dont use a dial indicator, keep your shims the same as they came out, and use a paint marker on your pinion/pinion nut to put it right back where it was, and just make slight adjustments from there, unless your doing extreme wheelin, then i would be precise.