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  • 78 Cj5 Labor Costs??

    I own a 1978 CJ5 that is in need of some serious work first off, the poor thing hasnt turned over since last June. What kind of problems will I run into because of this? What I'm really trying to figure out is the typical labor charges for a older Jeep. I need to get a new wiring harness installed, and by no means want to do it mysefl. What is the typical time and cost for a job of this nature?

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    ill tell you what i did, i told my mechanic to take his time and of coarse it was more than one thing getting fixed and he cut me some labor cost off for a multi job that was in no rush to be done. labor is roughly 60 bucks i believe


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      Approx. how many hours will the wiring harness take to install? and a steering column, pull and re-install


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        I say do the work yourself.
        If the motor hasn't been turned over in a while the first thing to do is change the oil. If you can, prime the oil pump. If you can't, remove plugs and turn the motor over for a minute or so. Its a good idea to spray some type of lubricant in cylinders first, like WD40.

        Drain the old gas out and refill with fresh. Remove gas line from the carb and put lose end in a container and turn the motor over to remove the old gas from the line. Attach fuel line to carb, replace plugs and gas filter.

        Now your ready to start the motor.

        I like to use SeaFoam. Just follow directions on can. works great.

        Whats wrong with your wiring harness and steering column?

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          I dont really dont want to do any of of the work myself. I'm sick and tired of it. The problem I have is finding what is dead in the harness. I have a new battery, power everywhere, but cant get the damn thing t9o turn over....the lights wont even come POWER anywhere. The steering column is missing some bearings, and has had its share of wiggles, cracks and squeaks, so I'm knockin that out too while I'm in the dash. Thanks for the gelp

          How many hours of labor will the harness take?


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            It depends on the harness that you want replaced, should be the engine harness that need replaced. Usually about 2 hours would be charged for replacing the harness.
            Steering column again roughly 2 hours.

            Labor pricing will vary from garage to garage, in my area it ranges from $45-$75 for independent garages. I charge$ 65.00. I would typically bill it out for a total of about $260.00 plus tax.


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              A bad connection or ground is no reason to replace the whole harness IMO. If it was burnt or really hacked up maybe. If your in New York you can bring it to my shop....I can get it running for say.....800 bucks. Sorry a little Alen Jackson humor.


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                San Diego Mech's

                Any recommendations for a mechanic in San diego?


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                  Talk to people you know have had good work done. See who they have used in the past.