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  • ok.....stroker or not

    Now ive alwasy heard of swapping a 4.0 head on a 258, been reading that for years.

    Ive also read about doing a stroker build up.

    Is swapping the 4.0 head on the 258 considered a stroker?? I guess i never considered that. 4.5L is what is makes but im not sure if i would call it a stroker? I always thought the 4.6 or 4.7 or up to 5.0 was a stoker build.

    What would a 4.5L get me? Is that combo better than the 2000 4.0 i have in my TJ?

    Does a 2000 TJ 4.0 head bolt on the 258 and what does that do. Anyone have numbers for these mods?

    When swapping heads they are talking about the HO head right?

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    Putting a 4.0 head on a 258 doesn't affect stroke or displacement. Displacement is the product of bore area and swept length of piston stroke. Changing the head affects neither of these. Displacement is unchanged. To stroke the engine you'd have to change some combination of crank, rods, and pistons.


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      IE, 327 crank in a 289, or a 400 crank in a 350.

      the second crankshaft switch i heard was dangerous (not possible? dunno, just giving an example), because theres webbing in the block of the 350 or something of the sort, or a clearance issue with the couterweights.

      that an example of what would be a stroker motor. =]



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        oh ok i missed that part...

        they put the 258 crank in the 4.0 motor.....ok ya thats a stroker....

        If thats the case and makes 4.5L......same questions as this better than a TJ 4.0??
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          i think what you are wanting is the 4.2L 258 crank in the 4.0L 258 block...that makes a 4.7L engine...Jeep produced and sold these in Mexico i think...something about not passing the US emission standards...


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            Capt.'s right, put the internals from a 258 into a 232 (4.0) block, using the 4.0 head. The piston dia. is the same, but the stoke is longer, making it a 'stroker'. I'm sure there's more involved, but thats the basics.


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              Originally posted by the Captain
              ...that makes a 4.7L engine......
              From what i read it makes a 4.5 and a .030 overbore is a 4.6 and the .060 overbore is a 4.7, have no idea how they get a 5.0 must be very thin block left......


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                The blocks can be sonic tested to determine if there is enough meat left for a bigger overbore. It's a one shot deal as the block is junk when those cylinders are worn out.
                The cranks can be modified, as well. The rod journals are built up with weld and then the rod journals can be machines a bit farther from the main journals for more stroke.
                It just depends how much you are willing to spend.


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                  I read up on this quite a bit in the "pre-purchase of the 5.0" era. If I remember correctly, you could probably make your own if you've done a rebuild before.

                  Supposed to produce incredible stump-pullin torque.


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                    I have read nothing but bad about the 4.5/4.7L stroker motors both from Golan and Hesco. I read thet the tend to grenade with no forwarning.
                    You have a CJ do a v8 swap you will get more out of a recamed 360 then you will EVER get from a built stroker and for less money. I had a rebuilt and slightly built 360 that would almost pick the front tires off the ground and they where 37 inch Swampers on steel rims LOL.


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                      i know it may sound, well, just plain wrong, but i'd like to get the new 5.7L Toyota motor out of a Tundra in a few years, possibly tranny and all...shorten the factory pushbutton locker rearend and mate some other front axle to it all...that'd be my dream drivetrain...i'll probably be able to get some good deals on em in 5 years or so through my job...which is at Toyota by the way...right now im attempting to save up for some of the newer tacoma or landcruiser axles with the pushbutton factory of our parts guys is saying 7 to 8 hundred apiece used...i hope hes not blowing smoke up my arse


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                        I'm researching a sb Ford V8 swap. I ruled out the I6 build-up options as too expensive for the return compared to what I can get from a small-block V8.

                        I am leaning towards a 351 swap as it is just slightly taller than a 302, and about the same cost.

                        Someone tossed out a 4.5 Ford modular swap...I stumbled across a Hot Rod mag article swapping the 4.5 into a Fox-bodied Mustang. Not too difficult...and my CJ has more room under the hood...