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  • new used 92 YJ project?

    Hello to all! I have bought a used 92 YJ ive always had new or leased vehicles but never a jeep its had one owner i have all the paper work on whats been worked on it! its all stock as far as i can tell! my wife wont drive in till its beefed up as she says! id like to try a 3.5" leaf spring lift kit and some 31 or 33" tires under it! any tips from you guys as to what i may or may not want to do? where i should start? i had a service station check it all out i have nothing major wrong with it at all it seems sound! and runs good! any ideas as to where to start to make my wife happy?

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    Are you for real? Where'd you get that KARMA? Your WIFE wants to spend money on your new JEEP????

    Give her a copy of the 4WD catalog and tell her to pick out what she wants! (If you need tools give her a tool catalog, too.)

    And welcome to the board!


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      Welcome aboard! As blackwater said, are you real? Newer heard of a wife wanting to spend money on the husband/boyfriends Jeep. Lucky you!
      If your wife has some more money to spend on Jeeps blackwater and I would be pleased to help her out


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        there are some of us who are lucky my girlfriend loves my jeep and never wants me to get rid of it....she also like st put gas in it so we can drive up over the mtns....gotta love that....welcome to the board nich....


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          I will trade either one of you guys for my wife, in fact I will throw in a few hundred bucks a month too!!!

          By the way, since your leaf sprung, I would do a spring over conversion. Eventually when you want to go big with your Jeep, you will have to do that. It is not as easy as most lifts out there cause you have to do a bit of welding but you will be happier with it in the future. That will give you your 3 1/2 inches. It is also pretty cheap, just have to cut the stock spring perches off and weld new ones on the top of the axle. You will need the new spring perches, new longer u-bolts, some welding rod, and probably to be safe you would want to extend the break lines a few inches. Probably do it for about $150?? Since the ole lady wants you to spend money, then you can get a nice set of mudders and a winch. If you were to reattach your sway bar after the spring over, you could get some quick disconnects too. I dont know Jeeps all that well but I think doing this you can keep your stock length drivelines. Eventually probably want to do a SYE and you will HAVE to at least lock the rear end with some kind of locker at one point or another, you will probably want to lock the front too.


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            you guys are great! ill tell her all your comments !!! she just want something nice to drive to! i have a 9 yr old son that likes working on things so i thought it would be great experiance for us both!!! as far as the 4wd catolog she doesnt care but money on the othet hand is hard to come by *** you all know so im trying to get by on verey little to start! as far as the sring over stuff im lost there and a welder is out for me the work i do, id like to do my self saving shop labor costs! but i dont want it up on jacks for too long either i need it for work!!!! thanks again all!!!! really!!!


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              Originally posted by nichrjb
              any ideas as to where to start to make my wife happy?
              usually in the back seats the best,

              sorry i couldnt pass it up!!

              Congrats on the ride!!

              Wheres Haskins??


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                The spring over is really easy to do.

                You would just have to remove the axle from the Jeep and take the axles to a welding shop and have them weld new perchs in the exact same spot on top of the axle. I know of a guy who lives just down the street from me, he is an EXCELLENT welder. I cant quote prices for him but I bet he would do it for about $25. That plus the cost of the perches is about as cheap as your going to get. Once the perches are on top of the axle, you just bolt the axle back on with some longer u-bolts. You may have to shim the axles just a bit to get driveline angles back to normal but they would probably come with the spring perch kit you buy.
                Another cheap way to lift it is some longer leaf spring shackles. Not only will this give you more lift but it will also help with your articulation.
                I would go with the spring over though, my $.02.
                If you do a quick Google search of "SOA" or Spring Over Axle, you will get a lot of stuff on it.
                Here is a decent link I found hope it helps you.

                **Edit** By the way, I saw 4Wheel Parts or 4Wheel Hardware (I dont remember which) sells the hardware for it for less than $65. I forgot about steering, you will probably need a new pitman arm too.
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                  I do not agree with the soa it is a great way to get lift but most of the time the springs will be flat so I say get a lift so you can have some curve in the springs then do an soa when you want more


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                    Welcome! My wife is another one of the wives that help me spend money on my Jeep. Shes the one that talked me into getting a YJ and retiring my XJ. So theres some Jeep Wives out there.

                    SOA's are NOT that easy, sounds easy on paper but when it comes down to it, it aint. My YJ is SOA, I did the SOA twice. Once with D30/D35 and once with D44's. I did mine inexpensive with great results. Anti-Wrap bar and SYE are recommended. I did mine without the SYE and it wasn't bad but I wouldn't reccomend it.

                    I would stay with a bolt on lift. Unless you or someone you know has done it before. Or you have chassis experience. I never done one before mine but have custom frame/chassis experience.