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  • Running rich......

    From "giving up" to fixed, to not running again......I swear I must have rebuilt this CJ on an Indian Burial ground!

    She turned over this morning but not for long. Black smoke out the tail pipe, gas spouted out the carb and eventually more leaks along the block and now dripping down the transfter case.

    Obviously running to rich. Looks like I need to change the oil, replace the spark plugs, balance the carb and check the timing....

    I have never had to deal with a engine running rich. I am reading through my books now but I would appreciate any suggestions.

    Please see Rich-1,2,3

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    You had mentioned the plugs were black and wet from gas.Was just wondering if they are all like that or just one or two?


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      Dang CAD, thought ya resolved this issue. Time to go back to basics. Maybe time for a new pair of eyes to take a look.
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        All eyes are welcome!!

        All plugs are black, 5 of 5 (starting from the firewall) are black and wet...


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          Sorry, 5 of 6...straight 6 258 engine..


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            Heres a thought, pop the gas cap loose and try it again after the plugs are cleaned up. No promisis.


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              Sounds like we need a convoy to Florida. Wish I could! dannit.


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                Come any a fridge full of beer but little patience for my baby!


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                  Cad, stick with it, you'll get her right. Alot of us went through the same crapola.
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                    Usually, a normal-running I6 will have the two middle cyl's running rich and the two outer most running lean and 2 and 4 running a good mix.

                    If your canister fix got it running for a bit, then we've got the right track there I think. Wish I could get under the hood in person...thats always the easiest way to do it. Maybe something came loose? I know I had one port on my canister that could pop off and I could tell right away in the idle (and gas smell). Mine was all messed up, so I had one port plugged and another was broken...I had a ton of issues with that until I finally got it sealed with JB Weld.

                    Could the canister be cracked somewhere? Also had an old Ford that gave me fits until I said "screwit" and bought a roll of vacuum tube and replaced everything I could find.


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                      once again it goes back to the choke. on MC2100 carbs you have to flip the bi-metallic spring to use the old carter electric choke. might be the same for the weber. and looking at your jeep sitting there in the video the throttle plate is not wide open as is should be in 100 degree Florida weather. i suggest you remove the arm off the choke side of the throttle plate and run it again.
                      now to the videos. in fixed two before you started the jeep, the second you touched the throttle it sprayed gas out the top of the carb under some pretty high pressure. get a new gas cap. also the throttle plate does not appear to be opening fully, you need to adjust the choke so it does not interfere with the throttle plate when it (the choke) is open.

                      oh and i loved the end of Rich 2, i've been there many times.


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                        Ok, vid fixed 1: yeah, your choke needs to be opened up I think. I don't like electric, I ran a manual choke. Loosen up the three screws that hole the block choke spring housing and turn it until the butterfly plate is full open. That'll do for troubleshooting until we get this fixed.

                        Whats the plugged line behind the carb?

                        The filter is upside down from how I understand it should be. Never inverted mine so I really don't ~know~ just what I've been told.

                        The black tube running from the float bowl to the top of the carb: is it kinked? Looks like it may be in the vids, can't be sure.

                        I checked your other vids: The return line is rather oddly routed. Mine ran down the bock, across to the frame and straight back. With yours sticking up so high, I wonder if it's not allowing the return right? Tho your check valve vid shows you are getting fuel to there.

                        Mov05040: looks like the floats are not shutting off the fuel soon enough. Check your specs, I could be dead wrong, but it sure looks like they need to come up too far to close off the fuel line input. There is a specific measurement on where the floats should be.

                        It's something and for everything we try that it is not, we are closer to what it is.

                        Have a mojito and be happy it's not a VW Bug.


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                          That choke really has to be open further.

                          Can you run down were that gas is leaking from? is it someplace on the carb. I've had many carb problems but very few were so bad that they leaked fuel out and down the manifold.

                          I think that the fuel filter should be more horizontal also. Is the fuel in the jeep left over from winter?


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                            Originally posted by John Strenk View Post
                            Is the fuel in the jeep left over from winter?
                            Thats a good point...the fuel in the carb vids was really dark. Bad fuel can mess with seals. Unlikely to rot seals that fast, but hey, it's more likely than a pixie messing with you carb at night....tho not a unlikely as a dumb-arse neighbor kid....


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                              I will attack it again tomorrow night.....I wil take the kinks out and see about leveling the fuel filter. The line for the return runs all the way down the block and then comes back up. I can't remember if that was the way it origional was.

                              The plugged line has be plugged since I owned it. I will trace out what it is.

                              The gas cap is new. I will try to run it with it off.

                              I will set the choke to 100% open.

                              I will chase the leak and drain the oil and replace with new oil.

                              The fuel is 93 octane and only 2 months old. It is clean as far as I can tell.

                              I will keep my cool and get it fixed.......probably not....