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  • Over 21 !

    I really like rum, sometimes too much
    Right now I've been drinking Appleton Estate jamaican rum. I was wondering does any one like rum if so what kind and how do you like to drink it (what do you like to mix it with)

    I'm not a lush I just thought I'd make some conversation

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    umm wasnt there a post like this?


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      Well, to certain people this is not the same thing.
      The other thread was talking about alcohol in general.
      This one is specific about RUM.
      Now anyone at the M&G knows how much I like my RUM. And some even know why.
      So, me, I like any rum, the smoother the better. I am always willing to try a different brand. My favorite right now is Captain Morgan's Private Stock. You can get this most anywhere so it makes it an easy acquisition in most any place. Now there are much better rums but you need a special place to get them, I like them but I also want easy to get.


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        LOL LOL damn matt that **** was so so good ! your the mix master .... i can't talk of other that couldn't enjoy it LOL


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          well i just figured that anyone who liked rum would have stated it there and thought it would be a good place to check thats all


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            I bought some appelton estate (black label...aged 20 years, so they say)when I was in Jamica,,,i think i paid $20 buck for the big bottle,. I drank it on got my pretty messed up..that along with the boat moving and being in the hot tub..

            I wish i would have got a couple more bottles..

            Other than that im more of a whiskey drinker.....JD
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              RUM is evil.

              i will not drink it
              i will not taste it
              In fact, I don't even like to talk 'bout it.

              There was once this stupid guy from NJ who went to college and thought he was invinsible, that he could never lose control and get so fit-shaced that he lost it...

              till he drank a 1/2 bottle [big] with his roomie and puked all night....

              I'll [I mean he] will never have rum again.


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                did someone mention the Captain ????????? ohhh what hell it is to live in a dry county !!!!!! when i lived in Ga a few years back me and a woman set sail with a gallon of Capt spiced rum well we found the bottom and ummm .... that was a goooood night hehe


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                  Originally posted by Keystone Crawler
                  LOL LOL damn matt that **** was so so good ! your the mix master .... i can't talk of other that couldn't enjoy it LOL

                  Or enjoyed it to quickly.....

                  Or at least enjoyed it in one direction.......


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                    I was in Belize about 5 years ago, I got some local made cocunut rum. Good shizznit. Drank it strait.


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                      when I turned 21 some time ago. RUM was the drink that I loved. Rum of all kinds. I'm still a big time captan morgans guy. I don't think they make one I don't like. His private stock is killer. I like rum with my rum. Drink it mixed or just straight it's good. When I did mix it coke was the most comman thing. I've tried all kinds of stuff and found that RC cola was the best smoothest taste to go along with spiced rum the darker rums go with a darker cola. The silver spice is good with 7up or RC. and the cocanut rum is really good with DP and 7up. privat stock is a by it's self drink for me. As much as that cost I cant spoil it with anything maybe some ice but thats about it.

                      "It's so good once it hit's the lips"

                      Words to live by. Frank the tank.


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                        The Pirate's Poison...

                        I find that I'm a bit of a 'seasonal' drinker. Summertime calls for rum and I've tried many but Bacardi and regular old Coke still hits the spot. I had one called 'Tortuga Gold' once in Grand Cayman. It's a dark rum and the first I ever had that actually enjoyed drinking straight. I don't know if you can get it in the states, or not. Captain Morgan's is a good one, too, when I'm in the 'spiced' mood. One must raise the Skull & Crossbones when drinking rum and usually lower it to half mast the next day.


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                          it aint got no rum in it but heres one for ya hehehe ....Liquid Cocaine___________________________________________ _______________ Ingredients: 1.0 oz Grain Alcohol
                          1.0 oz Jack Daniels
                          1.0 oz Rye/Whiskey
                          1.0 oz Southern Comfort
                          1.0 oz Rock and Rye

                          Directions: Mix everything into a pounder over ice, add wild turkey, yukon jack , jim beam, and evan williams. Stirr well, add o.j. to color. Enjoy and pass out.

                          drink to much of this one and you will be doing this in the street


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                            Originally posted by Lost-One
                            Or enjoyed it to quickly.....

                            Or at least enjoyed it in one direction.......
                            HAHAHA make me laugh, never seen someone spew for the whole next day..

                            anyways Matt, i must say you made the damn meanest Rum n Coke ive had. made me like it once again since i was burned out of it. Barry also loved it as much as I. my compliments to you


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                              Originally posted by Truckweld
                              HAHAHA make me laugh, never seen someone spew for the whole next day...

                              ahhh it happens LOL... well it tasted good going down not so good coming up tho just a warning dont drink 4 shots of rum and coke all in a mintute and a half or you will be all night and the next day. should have slowed down and enjoyed it
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