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  • 95 Grand Cherokee Ltd-Transmission Problem?

    Hi Everyone,
    First of all, please go easy on me. Im a girl with a 95 Grand Cherokee Ltd that has developed some problems. I really don't know where to start since my funding is limited. So I am here, hoping to get some ideas from you all.
    My knowledge of mechanics is limited...but I will explain the best I can..
    About a month ago I noticed my jeep doesnt want to go into just sounds like it winds out continually..when I look at my rpms at 70 MPH it says 2100, that doesn't seem to bad,but the sound of my engine is telling me something isn't right. I have noticed a small leak in my quick release hose that comes from the transmission..I know I need to get that fixed but I'm not sure if it is the source of my trouble or not. I have checked my transmission fluid..and its fine..however when I looked into the transfer case it hardly had anything in it so I have filled that back up. I haven't got to the front or rear differentials yet..Do I put in grease? know i sound dumb huh? lol)
    This is a full time 4 wheel drive model..and I think I am going to be regretting that for some reason..another note..when i depress the OD button it does seem to be working just seems like it doesnt want to shift when it should. So where would you start if you were me and you had little money to spend? I have some guy friends that are willing to do anything that I cannot do but they in no way would replace a qualifyed person...
    They could do the smaller type stuff for me...
    Any responses would be very much appreciated..I am sick over this situation..
    by the way it has 110 thousand miles on it..I have had it for six years without any problems but Im concerned because i have been reading alot of stuff lately on this and it sounds like I should have been doing some maintenence on this tranny and I haven't been doing it..Am I up the creek?
    thanks again in advance...
    One other note: my right CV boot is blown...(don't know if this matters)

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    A good place to start is to change all your fluids; front and rear differentials, transfer case and transmission fluid and filter. Make sure the proper fluids are used as refills. Don't use a power flush on the trans, and make sure the proper ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) is used - No universal ATF exists.

    You can research the proper procedures for alot of Jeep preventive maintenance on the net if you are interested. I know you will probably get some guy to do it, but it won't hurt you to know what is going on. Once this stuff is done, then you may want to get a professional to have a look at what was not fixed later.

    Good Luck


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      I just took the 98 limited out and checked speeds. At 70 it tacks 2100 in overdrive. If I disengage OD it jumps to 3000. Surely you can check yours by engaging and disengaging the OD switch (just right of the steering column). Mine is a V8, I don't know what the speeds would be if you have the 4.0 inline 6.



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        Originally posted by imkellye
        First of all, please I haven't got to the front or rear differentials yet..Do I put in grease? know i sound dumb huh? lol)
        That would be 90w Oil. You have to remove the diff covers (about 10 bolts) let oil drain out, clean diff mounting rim and diff cover, apply silicon, reinstall covers and add oil. Approximately 1 1/4 qt or until it starts to run out of the fill hole.


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          i had the same problem with my 95 GC. all it was the ground wire on the transmission. If you craw under your jeep on the drivers side under the drivers door, look at the back of your transmission. You should see two plugs for wires going into the tranny. One is a little hard to find. Make sure they are pluged in. Also there is a black wire that is connected to the frame of right beside the tranny. Make sure that it has a good ground connection.

          Now i cant turn off my OD either and havent figured that out yet. Its not in the button. When i get more time i am going to check those wires a little more closely and clean the contacts. I noticed that my fuel use really sucked when running around in 3rd all the time. For less then 10 bucks i am going to rewire the plugs under there. If i cant find out how to turn it off i am going to wire a switch that cuts the ground circuit off. (the black wire on the frame) Its a half *** way to do it, but it should be better then crawing under there and disconnecting that wire all the time.


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            Ok Kelly! "Ole Jeep Tec" here! Here goes!

            Heh the trans has the overdrive unit on the back of the tranny. And I'm sure that you have the 5.2l V-8, the O.D. uses a buttom next to the column, also uses and solenoid and sensor inside the tranny on the valve body. This is where most of the problem lies.... A good tranny service with fluid, filter and solenoid pkg. will problably fix the problem, see the sensor isnt seeing the right pressures the make the solenoid to change all the time into O.D., but you can make it change with the button, then you're overridding the sensor. As far as the diffs go you use 80w90 or 75w140 synthetic which actually helps with gas mileage. especially with the full-time 4x4. Good luck HMR-RSQ


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              P.S. the boot needs to be replaced

              Heh Kelly the boot needs to be replaced really soon, with the boot gone, even just rain water with the dirt and trash related will destroy the joint very quickly!!!! Good luck HMR-RSQ