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  • OEM TJ Subwoofer Needed

    Does anyone have an OEM sub for a TJ in good condition laying around that they would like to get some cash for?

    I blew out the sub in my TJ awhile back. Have looked into several options to replace, none of which are very good. Unable to just replace the speaker with an aftermarket one as I've been told the OEM is 8 ohms and aftermarket subs are 4 ohms. Would upgrade to a separate amp & sub but cannot find one where the sub and amp would fit into the center console the way the OEM does. Don't want to call a dealership as I'm afraid of how much money they will ask for to replace this one little speaker. Thinking that just replacing the speaker will be the easiest solution if I can find one for reasonable $$. Please let me know....thanks!

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    Try Davey's Jeeps (, they might have one and they ship pretty fast. I have the same problem but it is low on the priority list. The stealership wants to charge something like 400 bucks just for the sub. Good luck and let me know what you find.


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      Had mine go out. I took it to a local stereo shop and had them re-cone it. Two years later, works fine. Cost about $85, took about a week to get it back.


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        Well, after a long search I was able to find some other TJ owners who used a Kicker sub to replace the factory sub. Here's a link to the sub.

        I found it on Ebay for $55 with free shipping. I've got an '03 TJ and have been told the wiring should go as follows:

        Take the grey wire and attach it to the red nodule. Take the brown wire and attach it to the black nodule. Gray is +, brown is -. Clip the original red and black wires and do not let them touch each other.

        I've also been told that I will have to dremmel out some of the plastic ribbing inside the factory sub enclosure and drill new holes to secure the sub to the box....overall seems like the easiest and least expensive solution to a blown factory sub. Will let you all know how the install goes.


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          Originally posted by cotjuser View Post
          Will let you all know how the install goes.
          That would be great if you let us know how it went in and how it works. Thanks.


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            Did you try looking on Someone there might have one.


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              Well, finally had time to get to the install over the weekend. The first step was to use a dremmel to cut out some of the plastic ribbing on the inside of the sub enclosure. The sub almost fits in without any cutting but it doesn't sit snug until you do. I cut down about 1/2 inch of the ribbing due to the fact that the magnet on the kicker sub is much bigger than the OEM sub. Once I did that the sub dropped right in like it was made for it. I then drilled new pilot holes for the screws that would secure the sub to the plastic enclosure.

              Next came the wiring. Take the grey wire and attach it to the red nodule. Take the brown wire and attach it to the black nodule. Gray is +, brown is - . The red and black wires are grounds so I cut off the ends and kept them separate so they would not touch. Once the wiring was hooked up, I dropped the sub into the enclosure and secured it with screws.

              After this it is just a matter of putting it all back together. Secure the sub enclosure back into the center console, hook up the original wiring harness, and secure the center console back into the Jeep.

              The sound I'm getting out of the sub is by no means thumping but it is a noticeable improvement over the factory sub and at only $55 well worth it. I took pic's of the whole process but am not sure how to attach them to this post. If anyone wants them I'd be happy to email them to anyone who wants to see some pic's of the process. The install was very straight forward, took me about 90 minutes, and I'm very happy with the results.


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                PMed for some pictures. Thanks.


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                  I put Pioneer 6000 w remote, Infinity front speakers and Alpine in the speaker Box, and B-52 12" sub and 4 channel amp..... it sure kicks ass for sound just wanted to put my 2 cents worth a great day Everyone!!



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                    I just put in (9 mths ago) a new Sony head unit that I can plug my iphone into. The best part (other than it charges my phone) is that it mutes the music if I get an incoming call. I just bought the dash plate and adapter harness. Plug and play through the factory speakers and sub. I've got other amps and subs if I wanter to blast her up, but the cargo space is worth it's weight in gold, so I just rock the factory set up. I was thinking about up grading the front and rear with our hosts speaker kit.... First I have to run out of other things I need/want...

                    my .02

                    I appreciate the know how on how to upgrade the sub now. My stock one wont last forever.


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                      Hey guys, first time poster here, thanks for all of the valuable info that I have been reading in the past!

                      Anyway, I just installed this same Kicker sub in my 06 Rubicon and it was pretty much the same install, other than the wiring. My magic combination with the 4 wires going to the sub (red, brown, black, gray) was red+brown=Possitive, gray+black=Negative. I just crimped red and brown together with a single red wire leading out the other end, and the black and gray together with a single black wire out the other end of that one so I wouldn't get confused plugging the sub in. Anyway, maybe the 03 sport and the 06 Rubicon have a different wiring arrangement but I thought I would put in my two cents. It has been about 4 months since the instal and I couldn't be happier, this is a great sub right out of the box that can handle high volume rock really well, and without any further modifications. I would recomend this upgrade to everyone, especially if your stock one is on its way out.

                      Once again, thanks for all of the advice from everyone, its a great help.


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                        man i'm jealous..i need an oem center console so i can put a sub in 2000 is center console-less...daveys jeep seems to sell-out of these pretty often. any tried a compact sub, the ones that go under the seat? Had a post a while back and didn't get the feedback i wanted...was hoping that something new came out that would thump a bit.