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    i just finished jury duty for a week downtown cleveland , with 11 other jurors that i consider some of the finest people i ever met . we sat on a case for a 26 year old "man" that likes 15 year old girls . i'll skip the details of the case , but he is going to jail . but there is a bigger lesson here , don't be a "cool" parent that thinks its ok for your underage kids to drink at home because you would rather have them do it around you ,than to be out drinking somewhere else , be a parent your kids will like and respect you later ..... because 15 year olds got drunk , this horrible thing happened , 8 people lost big here , 4 girls, all 15 , 2 parents, that will probably have lawsuits leveled against them for letting kids drink, 1 mother that spent her life's savings to defend her son, and one low-life , that will be in jail for some time , to come out as a sexual offender for life . ... big lessons here .........
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    Jackson : First off I want to Thank you For your Time as a Jury Member.It is not easy to sit on a case like the one you were on and hear all the gory details .And then have to judge some or there actions.As a retired Deputy I Know this first hand.Without you and people like you,that are willing to take the time to make the legal system work.Now I know it is not 100% but it is as good as we have And you are right Don't try to be a Cool Parent.I have seen to many "kids" Young adults go to Prison because the parents were trying to be cool and allow thing that they as "parents" should have not allowed


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      Wow, that must have been a hard thing to do...I get all kinds of angry over things like that. As stated, thank you for doing it. I know folks who have received a Jury summons and did whatever to get out of it. I was in the selection pool once, but was not called up.

      On the parenting: oh heck yeah! From my time at the Ranch, working with addict teen boys, almost EVERY case has something to do with parental neglect, contribution or some form of not being a good parent (everything from abuse to being the "cool" parent providing marijuana to the kid!).


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        Jackson...thats a damn good post. I got kids that are in that age window..We all need to heed..