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    Things have been tight these last few years.. Mind you back when I first started posting here.. I was working and working on the 99 Wrangler.. Being that I was hit by a reckless driver while I was attempting to cross in a designated cross walk.. Things have changed.. We don't have that 99 anymore and actually went through 4 other cars/trucks before resting with our current Jeep wrangler. But one thing remains a constant.. Our vacations.. We always make time to take those trips.

    Because I haven't been able to work or simply do daily chores like I use to.. Funds have been tight.. My wife "RedJeepGirl" has been the bread winner since 4 years ago.. At that time, The company she worked for employed 30 including me.. This year.. Only 7 are left and she is very fortunate to still be there. So what is a guy suppose to do when he can't work or simply do those things he use to. I always keep this in mind and I'm always trying to be creative in the things I do for our relationship.

    Case in point, over the summer 2013, we took a trip to WV and NC camping the whole time.. While in WV, we took the New River Gorge Trail which proved to be exciting as well as a major chore for the both of us.. Seeing how we took the trail alone.. Camping at Greenbrier campground, which later that night floored out.. I guess at this point the term.. If it can go wrong, it will.. Sort of fits here.

    My wife always surprises me which is hard.. a few weeks before the trip.. She purchased a new camera for me seeing how I dropped my old camera and it didn't survive. The new Fujifilm camera seem sort of "synthetic" to me.. but I was willing to give it a shot and because it was shockproof & waterproof.. I wouldn't have to worry about breaking it (to some degree). Discovering the camera has a panoramic mode.. I set out to use this mode often.. Taking pictures with the jeep in a wide range of locations, Blue Ridge Parkway, New River Gorge etc.

    Taking time to detour from our regular plans we headed to Cherokee, NC and once there we found a shady spot by the main river.. I noticed a service truck crossing at a designated shallow river crossing.. "I want to do that" she said.. But there was a sign indicating that the shallow crossing was off limits. I set out to speak with the service truck and find out how I could gain permission to take a video of that crossing while my wife drove.

    They told me I need to speak with "Buff" at the service office.. And I did.. Mind you I'm trying not to let my wife know what I was doing until it happen. Pulling some strings.. "Buff" granted me access to make that crossing.. So as a 20th wedding Anniversary gift to my wife.. I took this video of her driving across that shallow river..

    Just wanted to thank Buff and the Cherrokee National Forest for allowing us to make this short video.