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  • Broken Axle Stories

    So post any stories you have when you break your axels. Could be serious, could be funny, anything or anytime when you got shafted.

    I broke an axle leaving a parking spot in my college parking lot. I was running 31" tires on my stock D35. I was backing out in 4low trying to climb over the 3 foot snow pile the plows left behind my jeep. Heard a snap and called the wrecker boys. Vary sad day. Backing out of a parking spot... Who would have thought.

    I have also broke the axle of a 5.0 Mustang. But thats a much more serious story for another day. I miss her she was my first car. But when she died thats how I got hooked on Jeeps so I guess its ok.

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    I broke a rear 44 shaft on 35" tires testing the rock crawl at the 4WDH Jamboree in 2008. Alot of people had walked over to see me test it out, I got stuck and instead of getting pulled off I put the skinny peddle to the floor and snap. In hind sight, horrible idea. But I really wanted to make it the entire way across. I believe lotgod has it on video?

    Total damage of this situation= Still have all of the parts as a trophy.
    Dana 44 shaft
    Carrier - ovaled the location where carrier bearing rides
    2 carrier bearings
    Lock-Right Locker

    In 2007 I broke a front shaft trying to stack my 35" tire on a 38" tire. This happened right in front of the showroom door at 4WDH.

    Ive broken several front shafts over the years, every time being dumb and using the skinny peddle.


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      On my old Jeep: none.

      I had a '79 F150 that that I got to watch my left rear wheel pass me while doing 75 down the freeway in Idaho one winter. Some dork PO had torched the wheel bearing off and started a hairline crack in the axle shaft that finally gave way at the end of a 2500 mile road trip. That next spring, the other side came out when the bearing seized and chewed through the backing plate. I slid in another shaft and proceeded to shear my pinion shaft while doing a burn out. I swapped the third member, then I had the thing lock up on me and send me skidding across a parking lot when a spider gear grenaded (another burn out...). So I picked up a whole good axle from a wreck and totally rebuilt a new assembly with a refreshed limited slip from the two old ones. No more problems for the next five years until I finally sold the truck. And no, I didn't stop doing burn outs. I was like 22 or so...surprised I didn't fry my clutch! Now I am a bit more careful with my machinery)


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        Heavy skinny pedal in my Rubi while in 2wd in the snow. When I hit dry pavement coming out of the mud/snow the 35's gripped and I snaped off the rear yoke on my D44. Alot of fast talking at the stealership and got it covered under warranty. Got a new rear drive shaft out of it too.

        Pulled the rear shaft off and limped home in front wheel drive.

        The service manager asked me where I was driving it when it broke and I said "it shouldn't matter where I was, it said trail rated on the side".


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          So heres the story of my Mustang. I'm 17 years old and I have owned my 91 Mustang GT for about 4 months. I was getting the radiator fixed along with the breaker switches for the lights and new drum brakes. I have an awesome mechanic that did all this for $600. So my brother was driving his pontiac gt and brought me to the mechanic to pick up my car. We get there, chat for a bit, I give him a check for $600 and were off. Now two teenage boys leaving a mechanic with a fresh Mustang and a slightly built up Pontiac, common... So we race to the first road crossing and I pull up behind my brother. he peels out across the road but I have to stop for a few more cars to go by. He got a nice lead on me but I knew I could catch up. I out the petal down and kept it pinned all the way up to 130mph. I knew a turn with a quick little bump at the apec was coming so I slowed down a bit but the bump took the axle off under the drum. The previous owner made a hair line crack in the axle, probably curbed it at some point. So I'm doing 120mph and I only have 3 wheels on the car. I counter steered to correct about 4 time before impact but it was usless so I mashed the break hard to try to slow down as much as possiable. I went off the road in front of a little farm house and rolled along the stone wall about 6 times before I hit a tree growing through the wall. But the tree didn't stop me, I launched off the tree over the power lines rolling 2 or 3 more times back into the middle of the road. My brother stoped and of course ran back to me. I climbed out the window and we pulled the terminals off the battery. Neighbors came out and called 911. But all in the end was well. I was completly unhurt. I got another mustang 2 weeks later and realised I needed to take it easy for a while. I sold the thing and bought my self a 4banger Jeep. Nice and slow, but I wouldn't say it keeps me out of trouble

          I'll post pics later, I gotta figure out my account stuff to host em.


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            Originally posted by damuall View Post

            The service manager asked me where I was driving it when it broke and I said "it shouldn't matter where I was, it said trail rated on the side".
            That has got to be the best line I have ever heard... Nicely done!


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              Originally posted by herman8r2 View Post
              That has got to be the best line I have ever heard... Nicely done!
              Agree, thats great


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                I bet Dale Jr. has an axle story after the Sunday's race.
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                  Originally posted by StillStock View Post
                  I bet Dale Jr. has an axle story after the Sunday's race.
                  I was stuck in the air, when all of sudden I got traction, honest the whells were only going 100mph!