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  • Wrangler trade for CJ?

    Just wondering, i'm lookin' for something new (Wrangler) I have a CJ.. Here is the question:

    Would any of you guys trade your wrangler off for an old lifted CJ if you had the chance?


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    Pictures would help.


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      Depends on how stable it is. I mean, you know your wranger and any quirk about it good or bad. What year CJ? I6 or V8? Will it be your daily driver and will it hold up to the rigors of daily driving? Is it just a trail rig? Find out as much as you can by actually looking at it and driving it before you decide. Make sure you get the engine temp up to its normal operating ranges as this is where all the little noises will start to occur. My $.02

      Good luck

      Ooops I read your question wrong but Im not about to re-type it. Substitute CJ for wrangler and vise versa. My self I would look long and hard at a CJ if I was wanting to trade my wrangler for one. I would rather buy a CJ probably rather than trade my wrangler in on one then sale my wrangler once I was sure of the condition of the CJ. And vise versa.

      I hope you got something out of that rambling cause I didnt.
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        Tough question.
        I have both a YJ & CJ5. I like both if I had to choose just one it would be the CJ mainly because I don't have any other DD. I'm keeping both


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          NO! it's my DD.


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            so basically what I got out of all your input(s) is, no.. lol. My CJ is an old 79' Jeep CJ7 Renegade, Levi Strauss edition. Its got practically brand new 32" BFG Mt's, with a custom 2" suspension lift. (Added leaves with add-a-leafs) and a 1" body lift. Had to do some frame repairs, lil' bondo work on fenders.. Cut out front fenders (Flat fender) 258 I6, TFI igniton, Motorcraft carb, 3speed tranny, Dana 20. and so on. Its not a bad Jeep at all ... I'm just looking for something a little newer to tinker with.

            I know some are wondering, why didnt he post this in the "wanted" forums. Well I'm just asking if anyone would if they could. I'm unclear whether I want to git' rid of the old thing.