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  • Detroit locker bolts keep coming out!

    this is the second time that this has happened to me....the bolts holding my front detroit together keep coming out .....last time only 1 came out....this time, 5 of the 6 came out and the last one was backing it's way out. Has anyone else had this problem? Last time I put them back in w/ a little bit of red lock-tite...this time I switched the bolts to grade 8 and applied "liberal" amouts of it.

    what else can I do to stop this from happening?

    diff cover off

    missing a bolt in the hole in the center

    what the fill plug magnet looked like

    oh, look there are the missing bolts!

    bright and shiney new grade 8 bolts in place

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    Hopefully you used some lock-tite on them!

    edit: Never mind, stupid post. Good luck!


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      Are you torqueing them to specifications?


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        due to the tolerances, you probably would not have to go to such lengths, but if the problem persists, you could try leaving the bolts in the freezer over night and then put them, as they warm back up they will expand just a taste. If you torque the frozen bolts in and then they expand just that little extra, that might be enough to keep it from happening again. Usually after a good liberal use of red locktite, I have never had a problem.
        Hope it all works out for ya.


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          You sure the threads arn't messed up from the case being "unbolted" like that...those hold the 2 halfs together correct? I would be worried about the threads being egged out with all of them backing off like that..


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            my net sucks


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              let the loc tite dry before putting in oil.


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                I had the same problem with mine and it made the differentail explode. I tried to use some grade 8 bolts and toothpaste...

                before you ask about toothpaste, it works the same as locktite, and if you use the slightly coarser stuff it locks better.

                But i never got to install the locker again i just replaced the axle.