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  • 96 jeep electric fan

    my 96 jeep xj 4.0 auto has a electric fan that wont turn on. i know that some of the newer grand cherokees had a relay that goes bad or somthing like that. does the xj have a relay or is it just the fan motor that goes? help me

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    I Consulted the XJ Bible

    This is what is in th FSM. In the book of Cooling System, Chapter 7-8, verse 12 (Electric Coolong Fan)

    Vehicles equipped with a 2.5L/4.0L engine and air
    conditioning and 4.0L vehicles equipped with the
    “max” cooling package also have an electrical cooling
    fan. The fan is controlled by the cooling fan relay,
    which is located in the power distribution center
    (PDC) (Fig. 15). For the location of relay within the
    PDC, refer to the label on PDC cover.
    The electric fan on the 2.5L engine equipped vehicles
    is considered the primary fan (low to moderate
    ambient conditions) and is energized when the JTEC
    receives input from the coolant temperature sensor
    or the a/c system and supplies ground to the cooling
    fan relay.
    The cooling fan motor is protected by a 40 amp
    maxi-fuse located in the PDC. The fan relay is protected
    by a 15 amp fuse located in the junction block.
    Electric cooling fan 2.5L: When air conditioning
    is not requested, the electric fan will not come on
    unless the coolant temperature is at least 103° C
    (218° F), at which time the fan will come on and
    remain on until the coolant temperature drops to 99°
    C (210° F) or below. When air conditioning is
    requested (including defroster operation), the fan will
    cycle on and off in conjunction with the A/C compressor
    unless the coolant temperature is at least 97° C
    (207° F), at which time the fan will come on and
    remain on until the coolant temperature drops to 93°
    C (199° F) or below. Then, the cycle fan operation
    will resume. When the fan is scheduled to be on, the
    powertrain control module (PCM) provides a ground
    path for the fan relay. This ground is provided to the
    cooling fan relay through pin C2 of PCM connector
    C3. Battery voltage is then applied to the fan
    through the relay. When the fan is scheduled to be
    off, the PCM opens the ground path to the relay. This
    will prevent the cooling fan from being energized."


    Sounds like you open the hood, pop the top on the black box marked fuses, and check the relay marked fan.

    I hope this helps


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      If you turn the AC on and the fan does not work, it is most likely the relay as FlatLander outlined.

      To check the fan. Disconnect the wiring harness and run a couple of jumpers from the fan plug to your DC source. If the fan fails to turn then it is the fan is the problem.

      One other likely possibility is the fan/PCM temp sensor located next to the thermostat housing.

      Good luck.


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        or to see if it is your relay simply replace the fan relay with another in the fuse box (they are all the same) if it comes on... thats your problem... if not.. well... then its not haha