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  • 93 Grand Cherokee 4.0 Idling problem

    Vehicle cranks up first think in the morning idles fine. After it reaches normal operating temperature it wants to die when you put it in gear. And after that when you do kill it will not start.

    I did fine if I hold the throat of the air intake wide open it will start. but still idles really bad.

    I have replaced the coil, the map sensor, distributor cap, and I finally believed it was the oxygen sensor I got under the vehicle and found it wasn't even plugged in. Well I just knew it was the problem. First I ohmed it out and the book said it should be between 5 to 7 Ohms. Mine was 5.5 ohms. I plugged it back together and the same thing.

    Please any help, would be greatly appreciated.


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    are you getting any error code or anything?

    maybe the TB wow you've swapped out a tone of stuff.


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      Yes, But the only error code I received was for the AC relay. No other error codes are showing. I believe tomorrow I am taking it to the Jeep dealership to have them run a diagnostic test on it. The troubling part is when it is running it drives great no loss of power it will run forever unless it dies at an idle, and if it does your in for a tow.


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        Just guessing but if the relay is bad for the AC disconnect it and see if it's a power thing if the relay is bad it could be drawing off it and stalling it out maybe?


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          Well it's in the Jeep dealership now for a diagnostic, but I will keep you advised to let you in case anyone else has this problem.


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            for sure keep us updated. I have no clue what it could be.


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              Well it is repaired guys. I spoke with the mechanic that repaired it. It kind of ticks me off but he pulled the throttle intake assembly and it was totally carboned up, he pulled it off and put it in an vat to boil it out installed it and it ran great.

              The End



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                My old blaser was like that come to think of it but I had to use a screw driver and a dremmel with a wire brush on it and an air hose and clean it by hand. That took for ever.