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  • Accelerator Cable connection question

    I'm going on 3 years now with my CJ rebuild. Am to the point now where things are going back together. Just put the tub back on the chasis and am hooking everything up. Got the clutch, brakes, electical etc all hooked up.

    But the accelerator cable hookup to the pedal has me baffled. One of the few things I didn't take a picture of of before I took it apart.

    The cable comes in thru the firewall and has a plug/cap on the end. The gas pedal has two small holes at the top, one above the other, both holes slightly larger than the cable plug.
    So how does this attach? Maybe I lost a clip or something.

    Thanks in advance

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    That system is a common GM throttle cable end. It attaches as follows:
    Insert entire cable end thru firewall until the lock tabs pop-out(if fiberglass body see note below)
    Remove cap you describe from inner cable(slit along side)
    Thread inner cable thru hole in pedal arm(top hole will offer more travel)
    Once inner cable is thru arm slide cap back over cable and snap cap into the arm hole.

    Note: If this is a fiberglass body it is thicker than steel firewall. You must either trim locktab lengths to allow for thickness or purchase the cable bracket kit we sell at 4WD Hardware


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      I am about to replace my cable,, It appears previous owner used a plastic zip tie to adjust slack from cable,,,

      What is the proper way of adjusting slack ?????

      from how the po hooked up my current accelerator cable & pedal there is quite a bit of slap at the pedal causing two situations,, throttle at the carb doesn't completely open plus cable is fraying and about to fail (break)

      I am not a mechanic nor familar with GM cable setup,, so I gotta ask what holds the accelerator cable cap in the pedal arm and how does one adjust slack out allowing a full throttle opening,, I mean GEE OH what good is a 304 & 4 barrel if you don't have enough pedal movement to open it up to MASTER BLASTER

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        Not sure about the V8's but on the I6 the stock cable is made to install so that it wirks with thte linkage setup. There is no adjustment of the cable. Just plug and play. Sounds like maybe the PO did a hack job on youe throttle set up. Get a new cable and install as per a TSM or haynes manual.