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  • Staring at the Starter Relay & Some Extra Wires?

    Y'all got me through my wiring on the alternator and my engine rewire for my rebuild, and now I'm down to my last area, the starter relay. I've got a v8 304 from ground up, and am following the following diagram.

    I've got all of these wires down ok, and yes I've grounded the relay via a separate ground because of the fiberglass body. The problem is in my new wiring harness has a few extra wires that I'm not sure of. Any idea what the following wires would do?

    iterm (light blue wire 14 guage): ????
    opt 1 (brown wire 14 guage): ????
    ign1 (red wire 14 gauge) ????

    I realize that there may be wires I don't use, but I don't know what they would be used for, so am I missing engine pieces or need to wire up something?

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    The nuet safty is only if you have an auto trans.
    If I am reading you right the starter solinod will provide a full 12vdc while cranking. after it starts the power or the coil is reduced via a resistive wire.
    as for the opt1 no clue.
    Hope that helps. I can get a pic from the CJ5 if ya want let me know.


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      Wires going where?

      Thanks for the info Ratman. I have a 3spd in the cj7, and have already wired the lt blue wire from the 2 prong connector from the Electronic Ignition module to the 'S' top terminal. Is that going to be a problem?

      Here is what my starter relay looks like:

      extra wires look like this:

      Ok, so I'm still wondering what to do with the following off the main harness:
      #1 a Brown wire with the letters "opt 1".
      #2 (Looks Like) a purple wire with the letters 'start" I think would be the Starter Relay Battery connection or ignition switch start on the 'S' terminal in the starter relay picture above (Painless wiring match maybe for wire #719)

      #3. a light blue wire with the letters 'i iterm' on it. What would it be for?
      #4. another light blue wire with the letters 'ign' on it. What would it be for?

      Just after the main engine connector, like behind my carb, I have:
      #5. red wire 'ign2' for something?
      #6. green wire 'tcb' on it.
      #7. (good on this as) there is a red wire with the two above that says 'choke', so I hooked that up to the electric choke. no problem there.

      So everyone, what's your guess on #1? #2? #3? #4? #5? #6?
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        It seems to me that your wiring kit/harness should have came with a legend or instructions to better describe in detail what each wire is possibly used for. Since I have never installed an aftermarket wiring kit I am of no use on this one.

        However; Others here have installed aftermarket harnesses and hopefully they will chime in. If not, I would think you could call the harness manufacturer and get some assistance.


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            look here also


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              here is mine if it helps any



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                DANG! Fuzz401 : Thanks!

                Wow, now that is some big load of information. I've downloaded the pictures, and will need to take some time to review.

                Thanks for the current shot of the starter relay. I'll check the diagrams, but would it be to much to ask what your wires are going to. it looks like the left is hot to the start, but what's connected to the top left, top right, and right hand connectors?

                I also noticed you don't have spark plugs in the jeep. How do you run it without those little guys anyways. Really cool looking engine with the stainless in there. Way to go.

                Note to xlr8n: i bought the harness from a guy and there were no instructions and I don't even know what company it came from. I'm using the painless instructions because that is the only source i can come up with for any documentation. Other than 'fuzz401' now.

                Thanks again for the info, and now it's reading time!!!!!!1