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  • Making her road worthy again

    Well until I can afford my big plans of restoration, I will be putting my CJ back on the road. I have a few parts on the way already but I would like to hear what I should be checking out. I will be putting on new brake lines, belts, plugs, water pump, thermostat, and cleaning the carb. While I am at it I want to change out all of the fluids. It was running pretty good until one of the brake lines failed (nothing too bad) sometime back and has just been sitting there. What fluids do most of you recommend using? Also feel free to throw suggestions at me as to what to check out.

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    i just went thru this whole thing starting in mechanical restoration is almost complete now sans a few odds and ends, ie. things that can stand to wait until i have ample time since my jeep is a daily driver...lucky for me i work as a mechanic and have a good deal of time at the shop to get things jeep sat for over 5 years without being so much as started and has been off the road for 9 years...heres a few thing you need to look at:

    BRAKES-all my rubber seals were trash...i ended up with leaking front brake calipers, leaking real wheel cylinders, and of course, a leaking master cylinder (check under your dash, yea, that rubber seal)... of which i have replaced them all...they were cheap though...the calipers were about 18$ a piece (including core charges) and the wheel cylinders were 8$..with pads, shoes and a rear hardware kit costing about 35$...the master cylinder was 23$ i think, and go ahead and smooth the casting of the top where the lid goes or it'll leak...all my brake parts from carquest where i get a small price break thru work (not much though)...i'd suggest getting the speed bleeders from 4wd Hardware (PN 639590 for my Jeep)...they made it alot and i mean ALOT get a big jug of brake fluid

    STEERING-all of my tie rod ends were trash and both arms were bent from various trips to hell and back...also clean the mud and grime outta your inner wheelwells, it'll make it easier to diagnose why you did that drunk driver routine all over the road yesterday

    HOSES-check your lower radiator hose especially...mine was paper thin on the thin the coolant had all leaked out of it...i'd suggest replacing them all, including heater hoses as i have now done after one busted on me in January...remember your power steering hoses too, mine were both dryrotted...ive got an extra high pressure hose i'll let ya have for cheap if ya need it

    EXHAUST-it goes without saying that exhaust systems muffler was new 10 years ago and i'd recently redone my manifold...both are crap is my cat but hey, this is NC...who needs a cat...check your air tubes and make sure they're not screwed up and throwing rust into ur carb...if so, PM me and i'll hook you up with some info

    FLUIDS-don't go big with the oil just yet, get the cheap stuff, and don't drive it far before you change it the first few times...i've changed mine 5 times since december (a perk of being a mechanic with easy access to filters and oil) oil stunk like a sewer the first two times i changed it, but its getting better and will be great once i drop my pan and replace the rear main, which is leaking like a sive by the way...heres a tut on that for ya: its for a 4.0 but its the same thing your diffs front diff was full mostly of clean, sparkling water...great for aquafina, bad for me...the rear was ok, just dirty (i changed it back in '95 or 6 when i put in solid axle shafts...thanks 4wd Hardware) my rear axle seals are leaking a little, well, one of em anyway...and the front...probably all of em, but screw the front for now, i'll just keep changing the fluid...flush your radiator and cooling system with clean water and a bottle of radiator flush, check your heater core, which should be leaking by now, since its not plugged with gunk least your heater will work...and get a new radiator protection

    BEARINGS-bearings tend to go bad on 20+ year old passenger side front inner race was basically welded to the spindle (DOH!), not good...the rears were still good from the solid axle shaft swap...not the inner axle bearings though (which i'm still planning on doing, though they looked OK...get a stethescope and listen to all your pulleys and your timing engine was rebuilt back in '94 and had only about 25K on it so i was lucky with the timing going seat of the pants with the rest of it right now...priorities first

    LIGHTS-take out all ur bulbs, clean em up along with the housings and any contacts, plug connections and whatnot with some good electrical contact cleaner...i was plauged with silly, pissy little shorts for a while there and still am on occasion...keep that contact cleaner handy

    RUST-go buy 5 cans of the rust-fix stuff that turns rust into black paint...and get to know you've sprayed enough when your dizzy from the stench

    WINDSHIELD WIPERS-yes windshield wipers...ya gotta pass that safety inspection right?...get the factory replacements from our host here...i tried to be slick and got those fancy Bosch ones at NAPA...they suck, one of em flew off when i was driving down I-40...i must remind you i am a mechanic and have replaced many a set of these things so it was not pilot error, i swear it...fix your horn while ur at it...i stll cant find a place that sells all the small stuff under the steering wheel...grrrrr, WHERE, WHERE, WHERE!?!?!

    im sure i've missed some stuff here but theres plenty more where this came longest post yet by far...i need to just write a friggin book, but what ya gonna do eh? can get a whole lot of great advice from the people on this forum...they are very knowlegeable, funny, sincere, hardworking guys...and i speak from expierence (though i can't spell it right)...this forum literally saved my Jeep from the boneyard back in December '06...i couldn't say enough good things about it...i even opened up a new folder on my desktop dedicated to my jeep and i drop every link i find in it for a reference, even pics, diagrams, and just keep posting all ur Jeep problems on here...and if your ever in Greensboro and a guy in a beat up black Jeep rides by, thats me, and that piece of crap im driving is a well oiled twelve thousand dollar spray painted money pit.....and im lovin' every minute of it
    you can't tell but thats a 4wd Hardware sticker on the windshield...just showing my appreciation...wait, i've spent thousands there...they need my sticker on their window too!
    yea, i added some bling to my unfinished spray paint dash...ya got a problem with that?!?!
    My TFI upgrade...well worth it...and yes...i do need a longer coil wire, thanks for noticing jerkarse
    From dinhgy to shiny...horray!!!..don't look at the poorly painted firewall by the way

    heres some great links too:

    Nutter Bypass

    Carter Carb Easy Idle Fix

    Basic Troubleshooting for CJ Gauges by John Strenk

    Adventures Under the Hood (emmisions, electrical, vacuum)

    Jeep VIN Decoder
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      Nice post - have this one saved! Picked up some things I didn't think of.


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        Lol, j/k ... Wow! Haha, very nice post. I have copied and pasted this one for safekeeping. My Jeep has been sitting and not turned over for around a year or so. I am pretty big in to Autocross so taking very good care with brakes, steering, and suspension are always on the top of my list. The exhaust is a must and I just found out that the front exhaust pipes (mani to cat) are no longer made for the 1979 304 cj5 My first round of parts should be showing up from next week. What gear oils work best? I know every make has something that works magic for them. My exhaust from the mani to the cat is in desperate need of replacement. Before she sat, it ran great, never had any major issues. I am a little worried about the internals though. Well I am used to doing the work on my Eagle Talon (4 cyl. turbo), a piece of Mitsubishi's fine engineering , but am relatively new to the older v-8's. They seem to be a good bit simpler for the most part but I am looking forward to figuring it all out. Thanks again for taking the time to post, it really helps out! I will try and keep an updated thread going to the progress and I am sure there will be many questions to follow. Thanks again!



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          looks good Danny...and yea your right...hit the brakes up real good before you start driving it...its a pain in the arse to drive 25 miles across town with no anyway, what part of NC are you from?...theres a few of us on here


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            I am right outside of Raleigh. I am itching to drive it again. I started cleaning it up this afternoon and I hope to have the oil, trans, and diff fluids switched out this weekend. Brake lines and water pump will be here next week and I can toss those on and tow it over to the exhaust shop. My cat is so far clogged that last time I cranked it up it was glowing cherry red. I believe it to be the original.


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              have you checked out your air tubes?...mine were backing up and blowing rusty trash into my carb(s)...i replaced the carb twice before i figured it out back in '98...just pull the hoses from the back of the air cleaner and stick ur finger in should also check the pulse air check valves and make sure they're working right...there are ways around them so don't fret if it turns out bad


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                I knew there had to be something clogging the cat so I will check the tubes first to see what is going on.


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                  The exhaust is a must and I just found out that the front exhaust pipes (mani to cat) are no longer made for the 1979 304 cj5

                  If you very carefully cut the old one out, you will have to ruin the cat to do this, you can take it into a custom muffler shop and have them make you a new one.


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                    keep that cat can get a pretty penny for it from recyclers or even ebay...i am watching one for sale on there with bids at 122$ now