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  • My $200 XJ

    Been hanging out for a while on the CJ forum, but haven't had any reason to come in here before. A buddy at work made me an offer that I couldn't refuse and I now own a 1996 XJ. It seems that he couldn't figure out why it was overheating, and didn't want to trailer it when he moved out of state, so he said I could have it for free if I provided tires, or $200 if I wanted the tires that were on it.

    As can be seen from the photo, it is an ex-forest service jeep and has had a tough life. The best part was solving the overheating issue. It seems my buddy broke a motor mount and the mechanical fan whipped out the electric fan. Instead of replacing the electric fan after fixing the motor mount, he just removed it. I drove it home (70 miles) with the heater on high and it never got over 210*F. A trip to the junkyard got me an electric fan assembly and a fan clutch for $65. After installing those (and tracking down a blown Maxi-fuse) she is back on the road with no signs of overheating or damage from the lack of cooling.

    The only real problem I am having is from the wife and oldest daughter (15 years old). To talk my wife into it, I had to tell her that it would be for the daughter, so she wouldn't have to drive the wife's car. Well the girl overheard that and has latched onto it, so my new project Jeep may turn into the girls daily driver after all. She has already got a hand grenade air freshener and fuzzy dice installed.

    MY $200 XJ