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  • Differential leak

    Hey guys, I am brand new to the forum.
    Please help me out, my front differential fluid appears to be leaking, it is not running out because there is no spots on the ground, but there is some acummulation of fluid in the bottom of the differential (outside). I have no idea how to check for leaks. I could be running it dry, thats why there is no spots. Please give me ideas how to check and what to do if it is in fact leaking or dry.

    1997 4.0L Sahara Auto

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    To check the fluid pull the plug out and stick your finger in the hole. If you can feel fluid just below the level of the hole your good. I know the Rear axle is a rubber plug that you just sorta pry out but I'm having a brain fart and can't remember if the front plug is rubber too. ANYWAY... if it is rubber its a good idea to check it for cracks from aging(rubber rot) and replace it if needed. should only be a few bucks from the stealership or you can check napa or vato zone. they usualy have em in stock too.

    Check your haynes/Chilton manual for what fluid goes in it. If you don't have a manual BUY ONE NOW


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      If it’s the cover, that’s no biggie. Remove the bolts, pop the cover, clean the surface up and run a bead of RTV around it. Let it skin over a little, bolt the cover back on and fill it up with gear oil. But if the oil is running down the differential from the drive shaft, that’s a different animal. You will need a service manual and a torque wrench for that one because you will be replacing the front pinion seal. If the leak is not that bad, just add a little gear oil to it as needed. The front diff has a plug with a square hole in it. Clean out the crud and a 1/2" ratchet will fit right in.