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  • The offical Build up of my YJ Thread

    When we lost the old forums I lost the post. This is to show all of what I'm doing to it, axle swaps, frame repair, spring over, putting gas tank in the rear, new seats, extending wheelbase, np435/205 combo, painting it, and a ton of other things.

    Fenders/hood pulled:

    Comp cut the rear:

    Fixing the lengendary hole in the floor pan too!

    Dash taken apart...

    Heres my 1410 yoke for my 14bolt compared to a stock 1310 u-joint. It falls slightly short.

    Pic of the np435/205 as I got it...getting cleaned up and painted.

    Rattle canned it!

    More to come....any questions feel free to ask!

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    O yeah Looking sweet can't wait to see the 14 bolt in her


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      Looking good cant wait to see it done!


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        what size engine are you gonna run?
        I had a chance at a 435 & 205 combo for cheap, but someone stole the shifter from the 435 and top plate, and the guy didn't want to get me a replacement, so I passed, the guy owed me for a body lift that I had bought and he wanted to give me the combo for payment and I agreed until I found out about the shifter, I called advanced adapters and they told me for my 4.2, all that I would need would be a slave cylinder from an old iron duke and everything else would bolt up.


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          Looking good John. Did you put a clear coat over the "Silver Tuna"? Cause I think what Mel said about the paint rubbing off might get to be a nusance (sp).

          PS: Thank you VERRRRRY much for the writeup on the shaft. Did it tonight with everything Stu used. It was sooo easy!!!! Thanks again!


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            Hey I saw a jeep like that on another forum.
            oh ya that was here
            Sure looks good. That will be fun in the sun.


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              The silver paint sucks. It's coming off and getting painted a different color. Should be done by wednesday or so.


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                flat black punisher style


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                  What kind of paint is it? How well did you prep the surface? I've had good results with PlastiKote and Rustoleum.


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                    i do believe its 90 cent walmart LOL good stuff


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                      Originally posted by Keystone Crawler
                      i do believe its 90 cent walmart LOL good stuff
                      Sounds like the stuff I used on my hard top


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                        I know it's not the prep work because I did the exact same process on my fenders and tail gate and the flat black is wayyyyy tougher. Sand with 150 till primer/bare metal, clean with brake cleaner, primer, paint. The silver is so soft the instant the brakecleaner hit it, it just dripped off. I think I actually might wetsand this color and primer, and even give it a clear coat!


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                          I painted a racing stripe on my first SAAB with two cans of $.99 clearance special paint form the local hardware store. Didn't clear it or anything. Spent about 4 hours laying it out and it came out really nice until summer came and it faded almost instantly. Oh, well, then it matched the rest of the faded paint on the car, LOL!

                          I've had some silver paint that came off like that, too. Like I said, try Plastikote or Rustoleum. The flat black rustoleum that's been on my frame since last year with minimal prep has been holding up really well. Clear coating sounds like a good plan, too. We all know it's gonna get beat and abused, but at least that puts that much more paint on it you need to scratch through before you hit metal.


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                            Well, I didn't like the silver paint. The still silver fender was just temp thrown on there because I needed to measure length for my rocker guards (1/4" 6x4 angle )


                            Note the hella sweet reciever hitch too.



                            Start out with this.......and a TON of useless wires


                            minus these useless wires.....


                            And you get this!


                            Looks like the wheelbase will be strechted around 8-10".
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                              i like that colour lead