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  • WJ Transfer NV242 vs NV247

    I’m planning to by a used 99/00/01 model WJ for my daily drive car/Jeep.
    Since I drive quite many miles at my work I have decided to get the WJ Turbo diesel 3.1L.CRD. I’m not quit sure if you got the WJ in diesel version in US, do you?
    Any way, all the WJ td 3.1L.CRD I have looked at have the Quadra drive / Trac NV247 transfer (4WD High, NEUTRAL, 4WD Low part-time)
    But my wish is to have the WJ with the NV242 transfer who got the most suite ball selections therefore NV-242 Selec-Trac
    4WD High, full-time
    4WD High, part-time
    4WD Low, part-time

    If the WJ td 3.1L not are delivered with Selec Trac I can obvious get my hand on a "donor" WJ with V8 who have the right transfer NV242. But where hoping to NOT use time & money on this....

    So the question are simply, are the WJ td 3.1L possible to get with Selec Trac in US and/or either in Europe?
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    im not sure. i'll give my opinion since my dd is a 95 grand and it has the quadratrac all-time 4x4. there's nothin wrong with it. that way you don't have to worry about switching the gears, if you need it, it's already ready.

    you do have to take turns slower than normal but then again, you're in a jeep, not a ferrari


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      The auto t cases are good for daily drivers. There only drawback is the amount of moving parts inside and the fact that those parts weart out over time. The auto tcases have clutch systems and viscous couplers that are very expensive to replace when they go. My 96 Grand is getting ready to need a t case rebuild (175K Miles, rarely wheeled). I intend to replace this case with a 231 or a dana 300 since the Grand is becoming more of a family wheeling vehicle. I have seen to many people tear up the auto t cases and spend nearly $1000 to get the viscous coupler and clutches replaced. You can get an enitre rebuild kit for a 231 for $100. I don't think I've every seen a destroyed D300.


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        i dont know if the 242 and 247 is a easy swap. i dont think that a 3.1 diesel was available untill 05. i have a 95 zj with a full time transfer, i prefer the 231 or 242 for mileage and 4wheeling, but i cant see spending the extra money to convert. i didnt even know you could get a jeep in norway, thats awesome. howes the 4 wheeling in norway, how much is diesel per liter. i just last week watched some history channel show on some russian price who built up his military and tried to invade norway and got his *** kicked back to st. petersburg. well done!