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    Okay I bought the $12 bearing from 4wd. I also bought the $36 dollar bearing from GM dealer after driving 1/2hr. SAME BEARING EXACTLY!!!!!

    I had the GM dealer pull up their snowplow truck with the same column in it. I pulled it apart in the same spot. Guess what??? The bearing is facing the opposite direction. It is an automatic column. I came home and tried to do it the same way....No Dice! There is a sleeve that comes thru the housing that is preventing me from putting the bearing on the firewall side, and it wont fit with the bearing on the opposite side.

    The GM mechanics have never taken a column apart at that spot so they dont know if there is a bearing or just the plastic deal.

    So, I packed the plastic piece with synthetic grease and slapped it back together. I tightened the knuckle more than usual and it took a little of the slop away.

    If anyone stumbles upon an answer I will try again then. For now I am fed up with "the learning process". Thanks for the help guys.


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      Originally posted by oxcj5
      Really....???? Do I pack it full of grease? The plastic bushing i mean? It looks like there should be a bearing in it though.
      Didn't see any evidence of grease in the GM columns, and the CJ column was so filthy it could have been grease or just mud. I couldn't see any cut out or anything where a bearing would fit, though I didn't look too hard.

      I'm parting out another '92 Blazer, so when I get down to the column I will look more closely. May take a while though to get down to the column (more interested in the FI motor for the Jeep).
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        But the learning process is what makes maintaining a jeep so much fun. But very, very expensive.


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          update still stuck and spending money

          Originally posted by tracraym
          I'm parting out another '92 Blazer, so when I get down to the column I will look more closely.
          Well I bought the plastic bearing retainer from #4487696. tried to fit it to the bearing i had bought earlier on the same page of the catalog. They dont fit together....and noone sells the rubber seals that go around the plastic retainer.

          I have these opinions so far.....NO BEARING NEEDED and BEARING NEEDED-BUT WHICH ONE.


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              bumped 2x in one day....I need some help


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                I went out and looked at the column from the '92 s-10, even took out the lower "bearing" to get a good look at it.


                1. There is no bearing at all, just the plastic bushing with an upper and lower seal (automatic column.)

                2. There is some grease inside the plastic bushing, but not enough to say that it was packed, more like lust a little lube to make sure it slid on OK.


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                  Hooray for Woody

                  I talked to Woody Burnett at I would have got pics but my hands were full of grease.

                  1. An early model CJ has just a plastic bushing. What I had was just a retainer looking thing. A replacement can be found at GEORGE'S JEEP PARTS 601-542-0013. If its not one of the very few its the only place to get these.
                  So I had the plastic retainer out of a Jimmy that was acting like a bushing for a Jeep. So I used the new plastic retainer and bearing.

                  2. The plastic retainer and bearing will go together with some convincing. I dipped the plastic in boiling water for just a second or two, then i put the two in a vice and it pushed right in.

                  3. I had to trim a little off the retainer i got from 4wd so the retaining ring would fit far enough down so the clip would fit. This was due to the housing being a little different from the column.

                  So now I am all good and cant wait to go out and break it doing something stupid on the trail.

                  Thanks for all the advise, and stop at the Thread 3 Cheers for Woody!!!!