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    Okay i was goofing around on ebay and say this item for sale and thought all of you might want to see and maybe laugh. HE is trying to sell you a free idea on how to put 33" tires on a stock TJ. "But this is not for offroading"...

    he also has another "item" on telling you how to fix your speedometer and all you have to do is pay him 15 dollars to tell you to go to the dealership and buy a speedo gear.

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    I think he is part of the reason why there are CJ and YJ guys out there that have a little disdain for many TJ guys. I also apologize for those people like him that would try and sell that garbage on ebay. That is not how i see being a jeep owner and enthusiast.



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      Yeah this has been hashed out on a couple of boards. One of the boards I am on, they acctually contacted one of the buyers. He was like "I cant believe that I paid for that!". All the guy is selling is the information on what the backspacing will be.



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        And that is why P.T. Barnum said "there's a sucker born every minute".


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          Do not waste your money on this!!!!!

          I was the one that had contact with a buyer. He purchased it and the only thing he got for his money was a Word doc on how to buy wheels with 4" of backspacing, diagrams on how to measure backspacing and a picture of how to ad washers to your steering stops. The buyer sent me the word doc so I could read it.


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            Yeah, and he's even charging shipping.


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              Thats why real Jeepers don't use e-bay!! E-bay sucks and I would rather give my parts away then deal with E-bay BS!! There are a few good people out there but for the most part e-bay has turned into crap, just people using it for cheap advertising and scams.