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  • Tightening E-brake cable

    Hey guys, after finally getting around to installing my SS brake lines, I thought I'd check to see just how well my ebrake worked.

    I parallel parked uphill like I usually do, but instead of putting it in P, just pulled the e-brake and put the transmission in N, needless to say, if I didn't have quick reflexes I would have totaled the car right behind me.

    If I tightened the e-brake cable, would that increase the strength of the brake? I looked at the cable in braket in the back (drum brakes) and it seemed pretty simple. I haven't looked at the front yet (disc brakes); is there any trick to doing this right, or would it do any good at all?

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    I tightened mine not too long ago & it seemed to do the trick. I just tightened the nut on "that block". I've no clue what the heck that thing is called but you know what I mean.

    You also want to make sure your brake shoes aren't the problem either.


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      kmfdm24, I believe "that block" is called the 'emergency brake adjuster'. Don't quote me on that, I drive a YJ with a crappy e-brake.

      davida_jr, did you bleed the rear brakes when you put on the new lines? Or your shoes could be out of adjustment, or maybe the nut on "that block" just needs tightening.


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        I did bleed the lines. The primary brakes work fine, and the brake shoes have just been replaced.

        Does the e-brake use the same mechanism (shoes, disc, whatever) as the primary brake system, or is it another setup entirely that should be inspected?


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          I just tightened my e brake cable this week. All I did was to get a pair of vice grips to hold the bracket where the two rear ebrake cables come out of the body and tighten it about 1/4" up the bolt and now it works fine.


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            Yeah, the e-brake just mechanically engages the shoes.


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              Try adjusting the star wheel out a little more first. If you're having to adjust the cable, it might be time for new shoes.