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    Hi, I'm Steve Reno and i have H1N1. this sucks!!!!! constantly feel dizzy and confused. My chest and stomach are crazy sore and I'm not aloud to go anywhere!!!!!! Right now my XJ is outside going BURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR its cold drive me!!!! My 6 month old boxer puppy wants to play but i cant even stand up without stumbling. This all around sucks!!!! Cheer me up!

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    I know the feeling, I had it back in October. We all had to get the injections to prevent getting it, and guess what? My whole crew got it, the fire dept had to replace our entire shift for a week. I pretty much just took my antibiotics and slept for 3 days straight, that and watch all my Offroad Adventure dvds. Hope you get better soon, wheelin' season is comming!


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      thanks man! this sucks pretty bad i lost 16 pounds since last saturday. i was in the hospital yesterday had and EKG CT and blood work. Along with some other test that i dont ever want to talk about again. So disapointed..... My work is giving me a hard time about it. im pretty sure they want to get rid of me everyone is worried about getting it. i work with a bunch of derelict jerks!


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        Dang Steve thats

        Hope you get back on your feet soon for your XJ's sake.


        and remember that you were looking for a job when you found that one.
        Hang in there


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          Originally posted by sreno0207 View Post
          constantly feel dizzy and confused
          I saw that part and thought you were in love!

          Hope you get better soon.


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            Dude, that's just not right.
            You get well soon. Sux to be sick.

            If you start having trouble breathing, I guess they mentioned that is bad, right? Being an old dude myself, apparently I'm considered "immune" to this pig flu. Suits, nothing good comes from pigs but pork chops and ham!


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              We have a few guys down here also. We have called it the "Zabulan Fever", since we are in the Zubul Province. One guy was peeing blood, it got so bad.

              So far, I'm good. I've skipped many of the mandatory shots (shh, don't tell anyone), so I keep taking my vitamins and praying for the best.

              Get better and soak up all the sympathy you can!


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                im feeling alot better today! i woke up and didnt feal dizzy at all! hopefull this is the turn of the flu!


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                  drink a few and you will dizzy in no time. LMAO
                  Glad you are getting better


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                    woke up today dizzy again, head pounding...guess it isnt over yet. blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i dont care anymore i cant lay in bed for another day!!!!!!


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                      Originally posted by tomsjeep View Post
                      ... Suits, nothing good comes from pigs but pork chops and ham!
                      and BACON!!!!


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                        Take it easy Steve! It's a 3 week (minimum) process they say. Stay positive and mentally active, but rest yer bones bro. It's just like any other flu unless it decides to get nasty.

                        Friend of mine is on month #3 in the hospital with it. He's one of the worst-case scenarios. He even got the neurological problems that can go with it. 45 days in ICU.

                        Yeah yeah, we're supposed to uplift ya, so just be happy yer not as bad as him!

                        And be aware if it does get worse so we don't loose ya!

                        Keep checking in so we know yer OK!

                        At least you still have a Jeep, even if she's sittin' cold and lonely in the driveway! Mine's who-knows-where and I gotta find a job so I can buy another one!

                        Take it easy, drink some soup and watch some's good fer rottin' yer brain so ya don't feel so sick!


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                          Steve, I hold my fingers crossed! Get well soon buddy!
                          At least you have enough time to spend here with us


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                            Only on a Jeep board . . .

                            LOL. . . I read some of these and said, 'Dang, they're going to kill him for sure . . .'

                            I like a good 'perspective kick' in situations like these, man. Think about the children's oncology ward in a hospital. I don't know if you've ever been to one, but those kids will make you really think about some of your 'problems'.

                            I listened to a LOOONG piece on NPR about this, Steve. The large majority do as Gryphon said, very tough flue ordeal and then back to normal.

                            Start thinking of the stuff you're going to do when you feel human again.

                            And don't take life and good health for granted . . . not saying you ever did, but I felt like saying it. There are lots of REALLY sick people in the world.


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                              ya this is nothing, its not like being sick. i mean i was feeling pretty nasty last weekend i lost 16 pounds in just over 2 days. Ive never puked like that before in my life. I seriously couldn't hold myself up, but after all i will just be sick for a bit. Hey i could stand to loose the weight! But ill be better in a few weeks. I have had this coming i have been really healthy the past few years. Eh well. not saying I'm not gonna milk it as long as i can. haha. but its back to work tomorrow. blaaaaaaa