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  • Header on a 4 banger

    I've been thinking about putting a performance header on my 4 banger. I have a flowmaster exhaust with a hi-flo cat. I was wondering if I put on a performance header if it will make any difference. What brand do guys recommend?

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    I dunno if mine made a difference or not, really. Min'es got other issues right now hurting performance and mpg. Trying to track that down. (It's driving me nuts...) Anyways, I have a Pacesetter. It was cheap and went on fine. Just don't use the junk gasket they provide, go get a good one. It probably will make a bit of difference, but I doubt it'll be anything you can really feel to be honest. My next engine mod's gonna be a TB spacer.


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      Unless you have a cracked exhaust manifold I wouldnt bother. It's a lot of work for very little return. However, that being said the factory 4 banger exhaust manifolds commonly crack.


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        Beavis is right, the flex section of the header has been known to crack or rot through on the 4 bangers. I agree, don't replace it until you break it...if you want more performance try a cold air intake or maybe even cams.


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          Installing a header and hi flow exhaust are a relatively small improvement to HP and Torque by themselves but they are the building blocks for more improvements. If you don't have free flowing exhaust all the upper end mods will be less than you'd hoped for. In this months Car Craft there is an article on where to put your money for the biggest improvements and they say that exhaust is by far the biggest. Once again the day you slap the shiny new header and exhaust on you'll probably only pick about 10-15 ponies. But it's when you throw on an intake and a Jacobs, larger fuel injectors, and maybe a cam that the exhaust starts to pay off. Remember an engine is just a fancy air pump; All the upper end mods in the world are useless if you can't pump the air out.


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            just had mine rebuilt, i can tell u

            i had a cracked man. so i brought a borla header and took off the cat and put a flowmaster (this was before the rebuilt) and didn't feel much difference

            at the rebuilt i added a tb spacer and high flow throttle body,,

            after the rebuilt i felt alot of difference,

            next thing is a air intake, hopefully that'll get here to breath a bit easier.

            what i say is if your going to do the exhaust,she'll ex. better but it also is how it breaths in to