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  • NASCAR Wreck - 56K warning

    Not really, but it looks like it. This is my Mom's Monte Carlo SS after dump truck hauling gravel T-Boned her. Thank God she was wearing a seatbelt and the air bags worked. She was hauled off in an ambulance but found out she only had bumps and bruises.
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    DEVILDOG- Hope she recovers nicely and thank GOD for seat belts.

    I have a question.

    Who was found at fault?

    Commercial veh vs. pov accidents can get flakey. Has to do with that whole professional driver thing. Sometimes the driver is not at fault but is considerd in the wrong.

    So I'm just curious.


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      the truck driver ran a red light with plenty of witnesses around. he did try to avoid it at the last minute but then the witnesses said he wasnt going to stop until someone chased him down.


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        Arseholes like that make the rest of us look bad.

        I'd sue him into the stone ages.

        When ya'll crush him and his company I'd like a good deal on his truck.

        I hate drivers like that!


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          Glad your Mom is going to be okay. It looks like it could of been really bad.


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            You can replace a car and sue the arsehole to hell and back but momma is the most important one. Good luck and hope she feels better soon. We have log trucks here that will get in a line and keep going in line thru red lights til they change back to green. DOT trys.


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              not talking to Lykos...

              ...In my neck of the woods we don't have 'professional' truckdrivers. We have JERKS who don't know or care that they are driving deadlier weapons than the 'average driver'. I was leaving the Post Office Monday morning. The light turned green just before I got there but I slowed to a stop anyway. That was a fortunate thing because a dump truck came barreling through without breaking a note. To my right, sitting first in line at the RED light because he stopped, was a county sheriff's deputy. I stared at him and pointed at the truck but he refused to acknowledge the entire incident. This wasn't a 'light at the last second' thing. The deputy and the car opposite him had both come to a complete stop way before the truck got there. There is a paper mill in Georgetown. I've seen the trick Poppy mentioned above quite a bit. What's a guy to do?

              Lykos, I fear you are a member of a dying breed, my man.

              Glad to hear that your mother only needs a new car, Devildog.


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                Well I'll tell ya.

                SOme cops think they are helping out by letting guys get away with stuff like that. Cause fuel prices are high or cause his daddy was a trucker or whatever.

                There is a huge difference between puliing me over and giving me a warning for 8 over the limit in stead of a ticket to "help me out" and letting them get away with such a potentially deadly act as running red lights.

                SO that cop you are talking about needs an education too.

                Thanks BLACKWATER. Independents represent only 175000 of the over 11 million trucks on the road. SO yeah I know I'm a dying breed. ewven moreso that Ive drive over 1.4 million miles and the only preventable accident I had was killing a fire hydrant in a parking lot.

                Wish they would have let me keep the hydrant.

                But in this case it sounds like everyone will be ok except for the driver and his employer.

                WHich I think is a good thing.