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  • anyone ever see this alarm light before? need help hooking it up

    i have a viper alarm on my 97 sahara and ofcourse it has that boring little red light that flashes on the dash, well i want to remove it and replace it with the other one we've had sitting in a tool box for a while heres a picture of it

    i have no clue what brand the light is. the name on the back says GOTHIC 5000 VARAD CORPORATION the wires are red yellow and black, the black one has a - sign so thats negative and the red one has + sign so thats positive, the yellow has an S, i have no clue what thats for

    now the boring light that has two wires, ones red and the others blue, im guessing the red is positive and the blue is negative, i stuck the red wire to the red wire and the black to the blue one and it did nothing, how the hell do i hook this light up?

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    S is probably a signal wire. Try hooking the the S wire to battery power as well. It should turn the lights on. S will be the wire that the alarm sends a signal to (if it is equipped to do so) when the alarm is tripped. You could probably just solder red and yellow together if you don't have a signal output from the alarm.


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      i just tried both the postive and S wire together and it did nothing when connected to the wires that go to the original light, but when hooked up to just a battery with the red(+) and black(-) it flashes, but doesnt do this when hooked up to the wires on the light


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        Here ya go...found it online on Varad's website...


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          hey thanks a lot lotgod but i figured it out, connection on the new light was bad so i fixed that and it works