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  • What a day....

    Last couple of weeks have been nuts...Kids going insane due to the comining of Christmas, soccer games, increased church activities for the kids, Network + class, soccer, neighbors needing rides to places, kids going nuts, birthdays, soccer, trying to study for class....then some bastage breaks into my Jeep and sneefs my stereo!

    THEN, I find out from a local teen who may have seen it go down, THEY WERE DRIVING A JEEP TOO!!!!!! ACK! Makes me wanna run someone's hand thru a fan blade!

    Oh...and in the middle of al of this, I took the certification exam this morning....and Passed!!!!!!

    So, I get to relax for a while. Soccer is FINALLY over, exam and class is over for a month and a half. My stereo is gone, but hey, it won't eject the cd, so I hope they like my mix thats in there! HA_HA on them! Bastages.

    I'll be replacing it with a $20 Target tape deck with an adaptor for am MP3 player I'm gonna get myself for passing the certification exam.

    I'm thinking of posting a sign on the back of my Jeep...soming about "if you stole my stereo, please know it will only play the cd thats in it. Hope ya like my mix LOOSER!!"

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    the small stuff... know not to sweat it, by now. And you PASSED the test. Big Congrats on that!


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      Hey Rob, Glad to hear the good news, hope it leads to something good for ya down the road! Been a crazy week here for me too! Schedule is all screwed up putting 22,000' of 8" steel gas main in service along with taking the original feed to Sierra Vista out of service then reinstating it the next night. Of course we're doing it on the coldest nights of the year since spring. Idiots on Ft. Huachuca won't let us purge any nitrogen (or gas) into the atmosphere except between the hours of 11:00 PM and 4:30 AM. Went to work Monday at 7:00 AM till 3:30. Back in at 11:00 at night, off at 11:30 next morning. Tuesday night went in at 9:30 PM got off at Noon Wednesday. Now I'm sleep deprived cause my body won't let me sleep in these off hours, only got about 3 hours since Monday morning. Heading back in tonight at 10:30 and may have to keep at it till 3:30 tomorrow afternoon. At least we we'll be completed then, and should have a little extra $$$$ on payday just before Christmas!


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        Let the Kids go crazy, Christmas is for them. I do remember. Nothing like Christmas morning as a Kid.


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          Congrats on passing the exam... any chance the Jeep-thievin' bastages were Zombies under Poppy's control? Have you checked your mirrors?


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            Originally posted by tomsjeep View Post
            Congrats on passing the exam... any chance the Jeep-thievin' bastages were Zombies under Poppy's control? Have you checked your mirrors?
            I've only got one side mirror...been wanting to get a pair of those round ones they use on hot rods...clamp them to the windsheild frame.

            No, I don't think even a zombie would do enough to bring a screwdriver, but dumb enough to rip up the wiring bad enough I need to rewire my lights.

            Thanks all on the exam! That was a peice of work, mostly due to stess!

            Rich, you get ya some sleep bud!

            Oh, and the soccer season ended with the 12 yo daughter's team in second one point after 4 overtimes! They did good!