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  • girl troubles

    so guess what i got for christmas... i went out with my girlfriend for over a year when i was a freshman but due to lack of a license and car, i saw her maybe once a week. so we broke up. about october of my junior year i got my license and we got back together after her leaving an abusive relationship. we went out a week after she broke up with this guy. so she told me after only two months of dating on christmas DAY that she wanted to take a break...over EMAIL! merry christmas! so i held it together for the next week while i was gone but when i got back on new year's eve, she broke it at about midnight that she was officially leaving me for another guy...once again on EMAIL. wouldn't even give me the courtesy of telling me in person or hell even on the phone. happy freaking new year too. this is some other guy that she has had a crush on for years. of course i didn't know. within a few days i had been deleted from her website and pictures of this new guy were all over it with her saying how much she loved him. sound like a ho? ya. well she's always been a conservative person and NEVER did i think she'd do anything like this. i guess this is what happens when you go to separate schools.

    so now i'm trying to figure out what i should do to get her back and her new guyl. i've never met him by the way. i got friends i work with who are ex-army and was willing to do some cqb with this guy. i was also thinking about personally wrappin her house after a few weeks. i know that might sound a little lame but when the rest of my life depends on whether i go to jail, it isn't. i was gonna wait a few weeks until it blew over so she'd suspect me a little less. hey chris, can i go to jail for wrapping? i know i could for egging. i was also thinking about spreading salt around her yard in some word so i'll kill the grass and make a brown message. (grass is still green in texas) so what else do y'all think i can do? i really loved this girl and in a matter of a week she decided she didn't have any feeling for me and that she already loved another guy. broke my heart, i didn't even eat for three days. buuuuuttt then i grew some balls and realized that i would not be using two gallons of gas every time i see her( four times a week), i have more time to hang out with my friends, i have more time to work and earn more money for my a/c, have more family time, and i'll have time to volunteer to help me get into college. so let me finish with this with what should i do to her and her new dude.

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    Just let it go. I think back to the best advice my Dad ever gave me and now I want to share it with you. "Ain't no p***y made of gold" There are plenty of other girls out there; someday you will find the right one. Until them just enjoy the search.


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      Nothing, grow up and move on. Ya never know, 2 years from now she might feel different, and if you still feel the same, you might live happily ever after. But not if you do something to her or something to ruin your reputation with her. Revenge only feels good for a little while. The best revenge is her seeing you happy when she realizes the new guy is a jagoff.


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        You are way to young to be so distraught over this girl. Like oros said move on. She is obivously not mature enough to handle things face to face so dont let hee bring you down to here level by doing something folish, be a man get a new woman


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          Ask yourself this... Is a girl that does this to me over and over again really worth it? Dude, it seems like she's using you for a filler. I know it sucks, but wait til you find the one.


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            Whats her website so we can see what the fuss is about.

            BTW How she said she loves him, that shows her immaturity level.


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              Been there, wanted to do that. I know how hard it is to let go, but don't do anything foolish. It was a good idea to come here and ask advice. I know that all of us have been through things like this. I was the same way back in the day. I didn't talk to a girl for over a year after she broke up with me. Was it worth it, not at all. Be the bigger person and move on.

              I know this is easy for me to say, but I have experience in pretty much the same thing, except the girl started cheating on me once she went to college 3 hours from where I went. Hard to maintain a relationship that far away. We tried to make it work a couple of times, but it never did. Now, she is married and has a kid. Saw her at our ten year reunion this summer and lets just say she didn't get rid of the baby weight. So bullet dodged there!!!

              This brings me back though. I was an extremely jealous person in high school and it hurt a number of relationships I've had since. I did some stupid things that I certainly could have gotten in big trouble for, never did.

              Now I'm happily married for the last almost seven months. And she wasn't someone I had met until three years ago.

              Keep your head up and move on to better things. No chick is worth getting in trouble with the law.



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                Yup. Let her go.
                Be really happy, work on your Jeep, go on about your life and consider yourself lucky that you probably dodged a lot of heartache. Consider: she could have stuck with you, gotten married to you, given you children, and then pulled this "g'bye" stunt.

                Happens way too often.

                You got a Jeep.
                Your Jeep will never get upset that you sat in someone else's Jeep. (You know the thread, go look it up and re-read it)


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                  The high road...

                  Dang Tex, I'm disappointed in you. These guys to the man are telling you to take the high road. You profess to a desire to be an officer in the Marine Corps. Do you think that you sound like potential Marine Corps OFFICER MATERIAL right now? Do you think that uniform is some sort of JOKE? It is about more than the machismo of being a fighting man. It is about honor, integrity and character.

                  Forget this brat you've been dealing with and giving your heart to and GROW UP. A woman, a girl can only rule and ruin your life if YOU allow it. Hasn't she done enough already? Haven't you allowed her to manipulate you enough already? As long as you entertain these thoughts that is EXACTLY what she is still doing.

                  Set your sites on your future. You have what it takes.


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                    Another final quote Tex... Always remember....A Jeep will get you through the times with no woman better than a woman will get you through the times with no Jeep.


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                      Tex, there's a reason I have adam's quote in my sig, and thank god "GOOFY B!TCH IS GONE!!!!

                      Tex, you an me need to have a beer......

                      Been there, done that man. I was with her for dang near two years, and in that time, I was so blind I couldn't see she was cheating on me off and on from the start. She broke it off once, and I was such a blubbering idiot, that she took me back. Then about 4 months later, she broke it off again, on the phone no less, and within 3 days started dating a real a$$, only she didn't know it. Bout 3 weeks later, I get a call, her grandma died, and for some odd reason her mom wanted me to know (weird). Well, instead of comforting her, this loser guy went to the bungles PRE-SEASON game and didn't even call her. And she was going to take this crap. He finally broke up with her (should have been my second clue). so we started talking and dating again. in the meantime she starts talking to her ex before me. She winds up sleeping with him, and can't make up her mind between the two of us. That's when I thought, I'll let her go, she'll come back.

                      Well, let's just say I'm glad she's gone. But I truly, from the very depths inside of me hate her with a passion. I, as I'm sure you would do as well, did everything perfect, and she couldn't see that.

                      Leaves only one way to look at it tex,
                      It's her loss!!!

                      Now, as far as my revenge goes...

                      did you see my post over in rides about my new tow rig???

                      Well, as soon as I get my injectors, "GOOFY B!TCH" Is going to get the "BLACK CLOUD OF DEATH" every time I see her. And I'm sure she'll rear her ugly head soon after the injector install...Or I'll go looking for her. Nothing illegal, just make her a bit miserable for all the misery she's caused me.

                      Now soldier, get back on your feet and go have fun doing something!!!
                      Have a big 'ol party at your house, surely they sell beer in texas!!!


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                        Be careful with the CJ for awhile, forgot to mention, my wreck happened about a week or two after the second breakup. Of course, I couldn't have wrecked the full-coverage truck!!! Just the liability Jeep!!


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                          I know its hard, but like everyone else has said, forget her and move on!!! I've been through alot of crap in the last 3 years, I know what your going through!!

                          3 years ago my GF broke up with me over the phone on our 2 year anniversary, and told me she already had a new guy and he had already meet her parents!!!!

                          As much as it sucks now, you'll be a millions times better off just moving on and forgetting about it!! Your young, go have fun and dont get too upset about stuff like this, it happens, learn from it and move on!


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                            TEX sometimes a man is defined not by what he does but rather by what he does not do.
                            This is a good example of this.

                            There is no shame in a broken heart. We all have cried over women. If YOU haven;t let me assure that you will. Doesn;t make you less of a man it just makes you human.

                            Some of us, me included, resist that sort of pain and try to turn it into anger. That anger makes you want to do things. Like wrapping the girls house.

                            You can be weak and give into the urge to "get her back" or you can be strong. Like real men are strong.

                            Embrace the pain, learn from it, and move on.

                            It took only one time of having an exboyfriend put a pistol in my face and susequently going to jail for shoving that pistol down his throat to figure out that stupid male pride will get you in more trouble than it's worth.

                            There are 160,000,000 women in the women in the United States. What's so special about this one that she can't be easily replaced?


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                              her site is and my site is in case it matters. feel free to post on mine or hers for that matter. by the way i forgot to mention that she was flirting with my best friend under my nose at my house. i was in another room and he was on the ladder to the attic and she was grabbin his butt. he didn't tell me because he knew i was happy and didn't want to ruin it. he only told me yesterday. and the way some of you guys talk about me being an officer makes me want to do it even more. it's too bad y'all can't help recommend me to the corps at A&M. it's gonna be tough cuz i ain't in the top 10% at my school. i'm in the top 25 but i go to a private school and everyone's smart. but shoot, all that matters now is school, friends, job and jeep. my number one goal now is to get into A&M and the corps. i know kingchip might be able to help but that's the only thing i got to look forward to right now.