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  • yeah another lift question

    has anyone had a skyjacker lift and are they any good. i have a friend with one and he really likes it. I just figured id ask you all if ya had any bad/good info on this. I so far have really looked at a rubicon express 3.5" inch lift, old man emu lift 3.5", and skyjacker 3" lift. These are the main 3. No matter what i get i will be getting a full leaf pack because i have heard a lot of bad ju'ju' about add a leafs. Yeah and do yall think i would need a new trackbar for 3-4 inches of lift? ya thanks a lot.


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    yah, add-a-leafs are crap. My buddy has a skyjacker on his and likes the ride, but i have not heard anything either way on the other two


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      Hey not a problem thats what were hear for. Sky jackers lift from what I hear are good quality lifts. The only thing bad I have heard is the price vs. what you get or should I say what you don't get with the kit.
      Make sure you are going to get eveything you need for the lift. R.E. as far as I've seen has the most complete kits around.
      3 to 3 and a half I would say you don't need need one but it would be in your best intreset to get one. and adjustable one.
      with a newer XJ your 99.9% likely to need a SYE kit so make sure you budget it in. Some people say they have gotten by with just a tcase drop and shim the back end and others not so lucky. shocks and new extend break lines. most kits don't come with those. R.E.s kit does. that and disconnects I could be wrong buy skyjacker and ome I don't think comes with either of those.

      Add a leafs aren't bad they might be a pain to put on but not bad. It's a lift were all you doing is adding blocks to the rear end all your doing is getting height and what you want is flex add a leafs and new shackels is what you want.

      I took a few months to even decide what lift I wanted. I researched to find out what all I was going to need for the lift I wanted. no need spending 400 bucks on a lift say a 3 inch and then having to buy another 200 in other stuff that didn't come with it. when you could have got the 3.5 with everything you needed.

      When I got my kit I researched not just what all I get with it but the parts them selfs.
      Like with the re 4.5 kit I upgraded to get the Heavy duty track bar and braket cause with out the braket you get rubbing and it's not a strong connection right there the bracket makes up for that. and the R.E. disco's well they are CR@P don't get those well there ok for like a year or so but eveyone B!thches about them and ends up getting new/different ones. and shocks I upgraded to the OME ones vs the stock ones that came with the R.E. kit now I heard nothing was wrong with them and that they were very capable shocks, but from what I heard the OME was a much much multi funtion shock for on and off road. and dirk with dpg was cool and hooked me up with a great deal on them as he did the jks discos.


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        I found my packing list and sales order I got when I bought my lift. Now prices my be different cause this was back in aug.

        RE 4.5 superflex kit $899
        upgrade to ome lt shocks $80
        upgrade to XD trackbar and bkt $60
        .75 coil spacers $20
        SYE $90
        cv driveshaft $240
        shipping was 95 plus taks came to $1484

        They forgot the RE discos so when I called dirk he sold them to me for 35 bucks
        the kit had the F/R shockw
        ubolt kit
        coil springs
        bump stop 2"
        leaf springs
        2.5 degree shim
        replacement center pin
        brake lines ss F/R
        shackles rear
        control arms


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          lift comments for forum

          Thanks to those who do take the time to comment and answer questions on this forum. We were all new once and none of us know it all. Many forum that I joined in the past were made up of either people that didn't answer/comment or idiot who were just good friends who lived two houses away from each other. You know the type; know it alls who are above everyone else.
          Ok so much like RangerJoe2001, I too am putting together a lift combo for my XJ. I would like to buy a kit or put together a lift from several kits. I'm looing at Rubicon Exp. 3.5" ride kit. Any comments on it? I need a soft ride kit as I'll be mostly a daily driver. I want a complete kit. This way when I start, it is all there.
          My back up plan is Superlift (AAL) 3" kit and then buy control arms and adjustable track bar from RE or another. My closest 4x4 parts supplier is about 5 or 6 hours away. Future is a 1.25" or 1.5" shackle kit and a 1" spacer front. I would like to upgrade the 1988 XJ as I go with the help of this forum. 31x10x15 on 7" factory alloy or 8" steel wheels are both in my barn so I have a choice. Try this site to check out the prices here in Canada.........and then puke.


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            The RE kit is about the most complete kit your going to find out there for the price.
            Is this the kit RE6020 3.5" XJ Super-Ride Kit that one for the price is way nice. it has everything you need. other than shocks most lift companies have gone to not including this in the kits cause everyone was upgrading to a better shock like the OME.
            OME shocks are great on and off the road shock well worth the money.

            The lifts on that web page seem to be a bit high even in US$


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              lift comments

              I found the prices to be high too. I'd love to give money to a local company but there are none. I would rather do business face to face. Would you recommend dealing on ebay? I see them advertised al the time. Any one done this?


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                ebay for say one part yes as for a whole kit no I've never done that. Like you say FACE to FACE. I called a few places local and their prices were ok but not great and they talked like they new the product somewhat but when asking technical questions about the lift and other things that I might do with it they didn't have a clue. I talked to dirk at dpg offroad and that man knows his stuff and he is a way cool guy. he has a XJ that he has done a lift on so he knows the in and out of the thing and what he needs. I think it was his brother inlaws rig so I'm sure he got one heck of a deal. He cut me a good price on what I got.

                I would stay away from ebay for a whole lift kit if it's a no name kit like random parts. YOu just never know what quality of parts your going to get. now if they say it is a RE or skyjacker or superlift just make sure it is or in the deal what the return policy on it is.