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  • carter BBD

    Does anyone have any links on adjustment for this carb?
    Thinking about the nutter by pass any picks on where the vac hose need's to attach to the carb? Having problems the idle will not stay constant 700rpm then 1200rpm with no real patern, thinking the automatic choke not set corectly or the steper / computer/ sensor problem.
    Can't afford to ditch the carder right now
    Thanks in advanced

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    I've said it once and I'll say it again.....grab a MC 2100 from the wreckers ands rebuild it. For under $100 you'll have a great set up. If not, the erratic idle sounds like it could be a vacuum leak. Spray around with some WD-40 or carb cleaner and if the revs jump up you've found your leak.


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      I have a carter two and the biggest problem I have found is that everyone hates it so there is no information on it at all I am looking at a mc 2100 too. It does seem to be pretty good. You can buy them off ebay for a reasonable price I think 255 for smogless and that includes shipping just do a search for motorcraft 2100 and some should come up if not wait a day or do and do it again. The guy sells them pretty fast.


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        I say save yourself $125 and rebuild it yourself. The 2100 is as simple as a carb can get and they are pretty easy to find at most wreckers. I just rebuilt one last week without instructions. But if required there are a ton of writeups on the net with detailed how-to instructions on the rebuild and install. Or even feel free to ask someone like me...I'm always happy to help a brother out. I finished my first install last week and it went pretty smooth. I'm helping a couple more guys do thiers next week. So if I can do it.......