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  • cj7 body mounts

    OK Pulling the tub off my cj have everything off except body mount bolts got all but 2 loose,
    rh rear below gas filler and the one by the rh roll bar floor mount.
    These 2 have broken the trapped nuts loose what is the best way to get to these? cut cut and reweld something back in place?

    Also how heavy is the tub? can 2 people lift it and set it on a roll around cradle?

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    well, ur going to end up cutting to get a nut welded in there. but, if it were me i would just drill them out,


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      drill the heads off. once they're off you can either use an uneasy out or whatever you want.


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        Cut them out and weld a new nut to a plate and drop it back in place???
        any other ways to go back together??


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          Yes it should only take two people to remove the tub from the frame. If you remove the roll bar, that makes it a bit lighter And if you can, remove the floor shifters.


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            Does anyone know how big the captured plates or nuts are for the body mount bolts
            I want to cut a hole in the floor to remove it and put a nut on the backside
            then just put a plastic plug over it for an access port

            so what size hole will let me remove the broken loose plate ??


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              The same thing happened to me, it probably does to everyone and we all have a nique solution. In my case I was scrapping the tub, and everything was pretty rusty. Instead of drilling, I used a pry bar and popped through the floor of the tub into the channel the lock nuts are in. I was able to jam the bar between the channel and the nut and hold it while I turned the bolt. Needless the say the bolt busted off. One was kind of nasty, but I was able to break it off with a bigger wrench!

              Doing it this way will allow you access from the top to weld a new nut into the channel. If you carefully cut away the sheet metal in the floor you could do a nice patch job. The nuts are basically square and the same width as the cross brace, you can see that from underneath.

              Drilling works, don't get me wrong, but then you still have to do something with the nut to re-attach it. I hate drilling upside down.