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  • CJ7 roadtrip

    I am completing the move to Arizona from Montana. SuperJeep as the CJ is now named, made 1500 miles in 3 days without a hitch.

    Pulling a trailer with a soft-top we outran a storm from Kalispell in nw Montana to Salt Lake City only to wake up to bumper to bumper 5mph on the freeway.

    Southern Utah was fun, good ol' AAA routed me through Zion National Park WITH A TRAILER! 25 miles of road making about 3 miles headway...imagine driving a road resembling plate of spaghetti! (that cost me 20 bucks for the pleasure of driving too. Dorks.)

    Page AZ to Pheonix was fun...2000 feet elevation to 7000 over a pass, 6% grade up and down several times over a couple hundred miles. The semi's and I took turns passing each other several times. What fun.

    Oh yeah...the Pheonix freeway at rush hour...with a trailer and the 258 six!

    Got to my destination near Benson AZ safely tho. 20 year old SuperJeep with 220k miles passed many newer rigs by the side of the road. Made 21.5 mpg towing too! The only minor issue was a tailight wire that broke. A quick cut and patch with a new connector and all was well.

    Lessons learned: 31x10.5 BFG AT's are great tires, but we need to upgrade the brakes!!! Steel dorrs would be nice before the next roadtrip like this. Pressure waves from passing semis threw us all over the road. More power for the 258! Injection and a 4.0 head swap to start with, along with lower gears to compensate for the bigger tires. 3.31's now, I am thinking 3.73 or 4.11's?

    Otherwise, whatta ride! SuperJeep really earned a lot of respect from me...and a planned full frame-up resto in a couple years too I think!

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    That's one accomplishment. Unbelievable gas milage for towing, but that's what stock can accomplish.

    Were you from Kalispell or just passing through? I have a friend that runs a business there.


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      Yes, we are from Kalispell, but now in Saint David AZ and loving it!
      I just copied the trip in my wife's 4Runner; nicer ride, but no tunes as the cd changer died...bummer!

      What business does your friend have up there?


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        I bet having that T5 tranny helped with the gas milage!


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          And they say all the REAL men are dead! And same for the CJ!!
          I think you classify as a seasoned Jeep owner at this point.
          The ride might be smoother but you'll never replace my CJ with a TJ.
          Way to go man!!


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            Gryphon, You ROCK, man! Put some high dollar octane in Super Jeep for her troubles.


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              I will bet you would love 4,11 gears better. it'll get you a little more bottom end out of those holes.


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                Congrats, now you have boldy gone where few have. Nice to know how much your CJ will do for you.
                As for gears, if you are going to stay with the 31's I wouldn't go to 4.11 as you will be winding that six up pretty bad on the highway. 3.73 would be ok but I think 3.54 would be better for your size tire, and still give you some speed and power on the highway.


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                  My 83 CJ 8 with a full acme top has 31x10.5x15 Bridgestone Dueler AT Revos along with 3.73's,Warn Full Floaters & Lockout Hubs with an Auburn Gear LS in the amc 20,4.2L with Howell TBI,33gal aero tank,T-5 & D 300,4" lift ,air,pwr strg & Off Again Navajo Pwr Brakes makes it stop and it cruises the hwys fine.
                  Last edited by scr83jp; 03-08-2006, 02:56 PM. Reason: added more info


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                    It was sweet passing much newer rigs dead on the side of the road!

                    It looks like 3.73's or 3.74's will be best. Thanks for the info on what works for you guys!

                    Yeah, the T5 was sweet! I am looking at modifying a Mustang T5 to fit...looking for one in a junkyard so I can compare them.

                    Got SuperJeep all cleaned up and a new Besttop bikini too!