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  • ASAP: t176 to D300 adapter


    ok, so we're swapping a t176 into my buddies CJ7 that originally had a t5. once we got the tranny and d300 pulled out, we realize that apparently the t176 uses some type of factory adapter plate to mate it to the d300. the bad news is that the used t176 we picked up for this swap doesn't have this adapter on the back. so for the moment, the project has come to a screaching halt.

    to compound the problem, i drove all the way from nc to nj to help my buddy put this tranny in and i have to leave to go home on thursday. the tranny is my wedding gift to my buddy (beats a place setting), and i'd really really love to see his CJ back on the rode before i leave. sooo....

    this is a call for help to anyone out there who can come up with a solution to our problem, and preferably before thursday. we're located in Mount Holly, NJ roughly 30 mins east of philly.

    thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

    happy trails,

    PS: anyone know what's up with

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    try advanced adaptors or novak. JU is having tech difficulties.


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      T176 adapter

      I know of a source that is having these made new. I think they are about $200 but not sure. Try Georges Jeep Parts in Miss. at 1-601-542-0013


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        i replaced the sr4 in my 80 with a t176 out of an 82 or 83 and it bolted directly to my d300. did they change the later 300s? did you check to see if it would line up? i remember it being tight fit around the linkage bracket but it went on. i dunno, good luck.


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          SR-4, T-4 and T-5 have the rear trans shifter housing made to be used without a plate(direct bolt up)
          All T-170 series use the plate this gent is looking for, and that plate is actually a seal mounting boss and adapter made into one unit.


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            i do remember having that ext housing left over when i swapped now that you mention it. but i am almost positive i do/did not have a plate between my 176 and 300. i will have to take a look this evening. i had to change driveshafts also due to the length difference.


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              This is how it should look to mount the d-300.



              Your missing that back part.