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  • Need advice

    I tried to search if anyone has asked this before and didn't find anything, so if you find it, kick me in the head and give me the link...but...

    I have a '79 CJ7 with the 304 and the 400 trans, and I want to go with a manual. I plan to use this Jeep as 80% street and 20% off road. What is your advice in trans/transfer/diff/axle/hub combos? The current trans is great and recently overhauled, but I want a manual. I heard a few years ago about a strong 5 speed with granny someone had bolted up to a 304, but I don't know the validity of this story.


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    How much do you want to spend?

    -NV4500 five Speed, (Granny Low w/OD)
    -Altas Transfercase
    -Dana 60 axles, filled with ARBs

    That should do it.


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      I will spend what it takes to be quality, but I'm in the Army, so not filthy rich. Could you dumb your advice down into stupid people terms? I know body, frame, and engine stuff. All the stuff the spins around in circles...makes me dizzy, and I don't know much about it. From the engine on back, just give me a shopping list with the description of what it really does, so I don't sound stupid when I actually go shopping for it!

      Thanks for your help!


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        There are far to many options to list. Here is a link for stock jeep transmissions Click Here Also check out Advance Adapters and Novak Adapters for some options.

        If you want a five speed, the NV4500 is your best bet for a very strong trans. You could swap in a T-5, but they are pretty weak.


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          Thanks for your help


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            I am running the T5 with the AMC 20 rear and Dana 30 front, Dana 300 'case.

            In my case, I am saving up for a Dana 300 low range upgrade kit with larger shafts and gear sets for a 4:1 low and stronger shafts.

            My trans I am keeping for now, but I am (slowly) researching is I can make a T5 from a Mustang GT (early 90's) fit. Those are a lot stronger than the stock unit. A NV3550 from a newer Jeep makes a good swap too.

            My AMC 20 rear is getting one-peice shafts and a welded housing with a truss and disc brakes.

            The Dana front may go bye-bye for a Dana 44.

            My wish list was already mentioned: Atlas/NV4500/Dana 60's with ARB lockers.

            Are you set on your 304? I am considering a Ford 302 swap with a NP 435 4 speed. I ran this in two full-size Fords I owned and never broke them. I did shear a 9" axle pinion shaft once tho


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              I'm dead set on the 304. I've had to much fun with them to leave it for some unknown. I just don't really know what happens after the engine and just before the tires! No-wonder that has always been the most exensive parts for me!


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                Tranny swap

                Well 47 driver , with just a little info about you and your circumstances...I'd say yer best bet is to find a Jeep you like with a standard shift and do a vehicle maybe sell yers so when you find 'THE DEAL' you got the cash and driveway space to buy ' the rig of yer dreams'.
                Now i say this cause by the time you find a trans you like, you'll need clutch linkage, a pedal and a way to hang it, a new standard shift flywheel, throw out bearing, pilot bearing,clutch and pressure plate a whole in the floor for tha shifter ,prob have to change cross members under thar to hang it all,and bout two dozen bolts of various sizes,a well equipped shop and a few friends that will work on yer rig BEFORE the beer is opened.THEN you'll hafta change drive shaft lenghts and you didn't even go into which transfer gotta quadratrack or the DANA 300 an hubs..not common but it was available..I only seen one in about 30 some odd years of Jeep watchin'.
                So there's my 10 pesos's a whole lot more fun drivin 'em than layin under'em scratchin yer head thinkin 'now what?' Go to Auto Trader and start shoppin. Nuff Said.