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  • Need help identifying

    Can one of you identify the hose that is coming out of firewall,,it is approx 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 in Dia,,several inches long with something near a 90 degree angle molded at one end.,, I think it may be a drain from the cowl vent???

    I want to replace it,, can't find it in the 4wd mag,,guess I need the correct name for a successful search

    Thank you

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    Originally posted by Kelse
    I think it may be a drain from the cowl vent???
    Thats what it is all right. Wouldn't know where to find one though, maybe just look through the radiator hoses at a parts house?


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      Yep, but yours doesn't look that bad. What's wrong with it?


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        Wrong one?

        Hey, Kelse, what's up? I see under the hood of that thing is just as clean as the outside. (HOW do you do that?) John's right, the hose looks good. Or could it be that it's not the right one? Looks like someone might have stuck a radiator hose on it.

        Did you get your steering woes cured?


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          What is the other one?

          Hey, what is the other one going through the firewall just up and to the left of the cowl vent in the picture?



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            Originally posted by Big D
            Hey, what is the other one going through the firewall just up and to the left of the cowl vent in the picture?

            I'm still trying to figure out why there is only 1 heater hose going into the fire wall. ??? If that is realy what it is.


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              Mr Strenk, Picture depics only one heater because I have ther other removed to allow instalation of a Aluminum water pump

              Big D,,, The hose that I think you are referring to is the Oil pressure line

              Blackwater,,, Lil Red is a pavement pounder so she doesn't see the mud or even wet pavement if at all possible,, the fire wall, fender wells ,, almost everything one can reach is waxed ,, I'm a Real Red Neck,,have spent a lot of time in the mud and on the hill however the wife and I have grown older and enjoy warm Sunday drives on our rural back roads,, and toy with the idea of building a show rig,, That Cowl hose is old and with somthing that appears to be rusty stains,,it is functional but a eye sore,, it gotta go



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                Hose situation...


                If you can't find an original replacement try looking at the McMaster Carr website. They have a ton of different hoses that might suit you for that application.
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                  Have you tried armour-all or something like that??

                  Man, your's looks better on the inside than mine looks like on the outside.


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                    there should be a flap on the end of the hose too

                    take some green cleaner to the hose then armour-all it should clean up good


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                      You could get the chrome or stainless steel mesh wrap that they use on radiator hoses, that might solve the eyesore problem?


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                        if need I think I have a brand new one


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                          I may have an extra original, but I can't say it will look as good as that. PM me if you want me to search through my "leftovers" pile.


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                            You can probly get a stainless clamp to cover the rusty one.
                            The rubber get a little soft brush and clean the nooks and crannies.
                            As already stated you can armorall the hose OR they make a rubber/vynl
                            protectant that works well its called 303 protectant also i use it on my tires and fender flares and it blocks the UV rays.