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    Hey guys,
    I'm new to jeep world and I am currently rebuilding a 77 CJ7. I've gotten to the fuel system and need help determing which size line to run, and do I need a return line. I've replace the carb with an Edlebrock 600. Do I have to have the roller-over valve and this other vapor junk.


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    Well you do need some way to let air in as the gas goes out or you'll stop pumping gas or suck the tank in.

    A cheap way is with a vented cap wich a CJ did not have originally.

    I like the return line to prevent vapor lock but I ran for years with out one.


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      Your stock lines are probably 5/16". You should be able to order replacement sets from our host. If you wanted to upgrade those, go 3/8", dont think there is much need for anything bigger. As far as the return line, i dont think it would hurt to run it, but on my CJ5, there was no return line and it ran fine.


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        not trying to take your thread goffer, but i have a few quesitons.
        this may be a stupid question, but what is vapor lock?

        also do you know where to get the vented caps? any particulair place?


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          Vapor lock is when the gas in the fuel lines get so hot it starts to boil. This creates bubbles in the gas line. If you have a closed system, 1 fuel line to carb, then the bubles have no place to go other than the carb. Lots of bubble , no gas. With the return line connected the extra pressure will just be vented to the tank plus it continously cycles the fuel allowing it to cool off.

          I just bought a locking gas cap that came vented. Also I have the old 2" diameter filler neck.