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  • no spark!?!?!

    I'm stuck on this one and have considered blowing the jeep in place...

    Since I would never do that I'm determined to get it running again! The problem is that it doesn't start! There is a spark from the coil to distributor, but nothing getting to the spark plugs.

    The coil, distributor, dist cap, rotor, wires & plugs are all new. I have not been able to adjust the timing because it doesn't start. Last night I was able to do a static timing and was at TDC. However, the rotor was pointing to the #6 wire, not the #1? Should it not have been on the #1?

    I appreciate any ideas!!!!


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    Did you remove the distributor and put it back in 180 off by chance?? Not that I have ever done this .... but it happens


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      I was actually going to try that next since the rotor appears to be off 180. It just got too dark last night.

      When I removed the old distributor I did mark it and make a reference to the new one. I just didn't see how it could be off by 180?


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        yes, I have done it more times than I would care to count ... I usually just blame it on someone else!! Give it a shot, and see what happens, let us know what you find out!


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          take out the #1 spark plug. disconnect the power to the dist. have someone crank the engine while you have your finger on the empty spark plug hole. when you feel the air getting pushed out, that's when you're on the compression stroke. you can then move the crank with a breaker bar to the exact TDC and install your distributor properly. remember that it doesn't matter where the rotor points, just that it's under the #1 plug wire.


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            Checking for spark.
            If you have a timing light you can hook it up to any spark plug wire,
            OR the coil wire going from the coil to the distributor.
            Hold the trigger down and crank the motor while looing at the light if it blinks you have spark.
            Also it would not be the first Bad New Coil or 1 month old bad coil.


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              That's how I managed to get it to TDC last night and noticed the rotor was on the #6, or off 180 degrees. I hope to be able to pull the distributor again tonight and start over - no garage & it looks like rain, so we'll see...


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                I did check for spark from the coil to distributor by pulling the wire off the cap and holding it near a ground while someone tried starting the engine & there was definately a spark.
                I tried the same thing by pulling a wire off a plug, used another plug and held it near a ground. That didn't produce a spark?

                I used a multimeter to check the resistance on the coil and it was within specs. I think secondary was 1.1 - 1.3 and primary was 8800 - 9800? The coil came out with 1.2 & 11,000. The 11,000 seemed a little high, but it was still giving a good spark.