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  • hesitation

    I had a problem with the engine losing power, I replaced the fuel filter and it ran fine, after filling up I gave it some gas to get it front of someone and it started jurking again, when I give it gas it's hesitant, made it a couple of miles to where I was going, on the way home after driving 15 miles it started again, I was going about 65 mph when it happened, would this be a fuel pump problem? I made it back home by only going 55 and no more, was afraid it would do it again.

    Thanks, TC

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    You might have more than one filter. One on the carb and one in-line. Possibly water in the gas? Could also be a ignition running points?


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      does it do it when just accelerating, or when ata constant speed also? what carb do u have?


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        Points were always my biggest nightmare until I put an HEI conversion on the distributor.


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          Well this may not help but it's a Presolite Distributor, that is what I know since I get that rotor for it, in my haynes book is says only CJ's up to 74 have points, not sure who made the carb, will check tonight, yesterday I ws sitting at a stoplight, gas it gas and it turned off on me, cranked it back up.


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            Unless someone diddled around you probably have a Motorcraft MC2100 series carb. It's a good carb in my opinion. You are enjoying an AMC component that is 'not' so good in my opinion and that is the Prestocrap ignition. Your trouble sounds like 'fire' trouble. Could be a (going bad) coil. (I was just reading about their behavior at higher rpm last night.)

            Another thing that will absolutely SLAY you is a finicky ignition switch. However, the motor will usually backfire in that a failing ignition switch is cutting all voltage to your ignition system then turning it back on as it pleases. It'll scare the CRAP out of you. But, I had the switch act up very strangely without backfiring as well. Goof with the key a bit when it starts jerking the next time by moving it back and forth slightly.

            If your distributor is original enough wear will cause hesitancy and backfiring especially when starting from a stand still at a stop sign or something. I'm assuming you've checked plugs, wires, etc. but you know what they say about 'assume'.

            I run a glass filter assembly on Myrtle right before the carburetor to 'see' if gas is there or not. Oh, and a weak fuel pump will cause it to 'die' but that's usually under hard acceleration. However, at sixty-five it's possible to be calling for enough gas flow that the pump can't cut it. Did you recently replace it? If the pump has been doing the job for awhile I wouldn't suspect it and I don't think the 'jerking' as you described it would come from a fuel pump problem. All just my two, man. Good luck with your '77. They are 'special' at times, aren't they?


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              If I remember correctly I think it is a motorcraft carb, I went out and got new plugs and the rotor looks worn on the end so I'm going to replace that also, when it meesed up on me a while ago I did punch it and it wanted to die on me, I was thinking fuel pump, but why wouldn't it act up all the time? I get backfire a lot since I have glass pipes and that nice gas I had a turn up about a year or so ago, the spark plugs wires are in good shape, the backfire I usually get is getting on to it and changing gears, or going fast and letting off the accelerator. I replace the fuel filter but not the pump, I'm looking into that, it's not that much and looks like only 4 bolts.


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                Originally posted by skinhinajeep
      's not that much and looks like only 4 bolts.
                ...beware of the cheap-@ss fuel pump... it can bring you much sadness.