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  • electrical issues....

    I have a 01 wrangler, 4.0L, 112,234 miles. It has started stalling at random, no certain conditions involved, hot, cold, idling, or full thottle. It has no codes, or any other symptoms, runs great most of the time, stalling is becoming more frequent. I have checked entire wiring harness, to the best of my ability. It has fuel pressure even when it won't start right back up, doesn't have spark. let it sit one or two minutes and it fires back up and runs fine. no check engine lt, nothing. looking for some jeep people w/some trouble shooting tips. thanks in advance for what ever help you can provide.

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    Wow, that sucks. (And my '02 has 103,000 miles on it - you're giving me a lot to look forward to!)
    Why do you think it's an electrical issue?
    And have you tried going after the harness with a multimeter?


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      I Recall Something Like This Happening To Me..

      First thing I thought was of course the distributor and rotor.. over time (if you took the cap off) you would see corrosion at the points area.. you could clean them, or as I did (slush fund) and bought a new cap and rotor.. Had wife even install it for me..
      Never it has to be the Gas filter.. or just bad gas.. Had your fuel injection clean lately?.. you know STP gas treatment or STP fuel injection cleaner or even the STP combo treatment.. Today's fuels can really be the pits for allot of jeep owners.. Maybe water in the line?.. Poor gas from the station your buying.. who knows..
      But many know me.. I never go anywhere with out the Haynes repair manual.. and I believe in the first few chapters, it offers suggestion to what are or what could be possible causes.

      Ps.. wife did a great job.. and every time I get wrapped up in something like this I forget my camera.. drat.. or I would have grab some pics of her installing it.. erm to some degree or another :p
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        To my suprise my jeep says 2001 on the title, but in fact I found out tonight that it's a 2000. I've had it two years and this is my first issue, so dont despair. after reading every post I could find about issues that related to my problem, I went over every thing again, the jeep started fine just like every other time i've tried to figure out what was going on, so no codes, cleaned and checked all connections, whent to start it and it didn't start, I finally had a chance to have it at home and not working properly. I re-checked for codes and "presto", p0320 popped up no signal from ckp, i'm changing the sensor tomorro, after reading all the evil here, I hope it's just the sensor, not any other more expensive parts. thanks for having such a good data base of info for me to use for research.


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          After Posting Last Night..

          I was thinking I left something out. well left two things out.. One would have been the gas cap.. sometimes when you fill up and your in a rush.. you may not replace the gas cap as you should..and you could get this same reaction..
          next I thought about a sensor as you stated.. but then you said (before) no code..
          Any way glad you found it.

          btw.. even on my registration and title its said my jeep is a 98 and its "JT" :p