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  • Turn signal problems

    Hey all, I am in the middle of restoring an 85' cj7. (Slowly but surly) The turn signal fuse keeps blowing. What things can I look for to diagnose the problem? If I have to I will just buy a new harness. Any help would be great.
    Thanks in advance

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    Does it blow when your not using the TS or when you operate the TS?
    Do the Hazard Light and brake lights work? If not is the fuse blown for those also? This is just to help run down the problem.

    Replace the fuse with a test light and move the harness around. When the light goes out, you found were the short is.
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      It blows when I have them on and the brake switch enabled. Also the 4 way flashers blow out.


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        OK I would use a test light in the fuse socket unless you like throwing a lot of fuse at it.

        1. Remove ALL the TS bulbs Front and rear and see if the fuse blows or light lights up.

        2. Disconnect the tail lights at the rear of the jeep and the front of the jeep and see if the fuse blows or light lights up.

        3. Disconnect the plug near the door and and see if the fuse blows or light lights up.

        4. Disconnect the plug on the bottom of the steering column were the TS plugs in and see if the fuse blows or light lights up.

        If it stops blowing the fuse at any one of these steps then go back and see what could be blowing it in the last section you just disconnected.
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          need help tooo

          have 95 blue yj 4.0.....turn signal wont blink when activated to turn right. all new sockets. all new bulbs. no fuses are blowing. replaced the flasher assemblt itself. i cant find a short but doesnt mean its not there. any advice is appreciated......p.s. not trying to rob your thread just figured it had a beter chance here since we have kinda the same problem...oh and when i get in my jeep with key out and press the brakes the dash lights come on. ....weird.


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            The Yj has probably has a bad ground to the rear tail lights or the wrong bulb. If you put a single contact bulb in a dual contact socket it will light the dash lights when you step on the brakes. If it has a bad ground it uses the parking lamp circuit to ground the stoplights.

            On the cj don't forget to check for wires rubbing in the steering column, very common if it has tilt wheel. I actually use a easy to trip circuit breaker of half the fuse size and use a hand held mechanical amp meter to find shorts. Can be tricky if your not use to it though. Most shorts that affect the stop light fuse can be found from the steering column back to the rear lights. Follow the harness and look for the obvious first chaffing or bare wires.


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              If it happens when you use the brakes or the 4ways I would look in the rear first. The front does not light up when the brakes are applied.
              Also if you are having other wierd things like your turn signals only work when you hit the brakes check yout front marker turn signal lights(the ones on the fender). I got a jeep that someone put the wrong bulb in and it gave me all sorts of fits.


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                Thanks to all!

                I just wanted to say thank you to all who replied.
                Looks like I'll be playin with the wires this weekend.
                I will let ya know the out come.