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  • CJ Hardtop

    so i searched and i don't find an answer to my question. i just bought a hardtop from a fellow 4wheel driver who, might i add, gave me an excellent deal.

    so i put the hardtop on yesterday and see that it is difficult to get it in place by myself, but eventually i get it all bolted in. here are the questions thought:
    1. is there supposed to be a rubber seal on the driver's and passenger's sides between the hardtop and the body (similar to the one where it sits on the windshield frame)?
    2. is the windshield supposed to move foward at all to get the top to fit correctly?

    if there isn't a rubber seal for the sides, how do you keep the area sealed from water? does anyone know any special tricks for putting the hardtop on so as not to damage to the top, or make the job a little easier.

    by the way, the hard top is back off today... i just wanted to try it out. it felt so weird not having the sun beating down on me i pulled it off as soon as i made sure i could hook this sucker up on my own.

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    hard top

    Well lets see...the old hard tops I ve seen had a rubber seal stuck to the door.It was a black rubber half round seal.
    Now the windshield is another thing......the later CJ 5's ( 1976 and later) windshields were leaded BACK from what the old design was( up to 1975 )..sounds like you have latched onto a rare hard top for the older jeeps. They said you could adjust the old windshields BACK to fit the newer I guess you could adjust the old top ( like yours) to fit the newer style....
    I got some ideas about mounting it too but I gotta check somethin first.


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      welp, on my 7(85) there is a seal on the doors. there should be a seal on the top for the raer part of the tub also. i just went and got osme weather striping and stuck it on. it works well. its good to have it for more than waterproofing though. it helps cut down on vibes.

      oh, almost forgot. there is a seal on the hatch of the top that seal the tailgate.


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        so, I used sillicone sealant on mine. everywhere it sits on body/windshield.
        it was a son of a beech to get off. but never leaked.
        used a peice of twine and a lot of patience to "saw" it off.

        we live we learn


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          hahaha, man i bet that was a son of a gun!! it might not be a bad idea if you put it on the hard top only and let it dry, and then put the hard top on. you'd probably have a good seal from it and you wouldn't have to worry about having a semi-permanent hardtop.


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            4wd sells the kit to re-weather strip your top.
            Make sure your measurements are correct for your windsheild. That will make it much easier. Also when you put it on make sure you man handle it around and check the doors to make sure you get a good fit.


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              I had the same question 2 years ago....4WD has the adhesive tape gasket, and the top actually sits a little below the body so water should not really get in. The same gasket tape works alond the windshield and you should not have to move the windshield at all. I use 3 friends to put it on so I don't scratch the new paint job, and I have no hoist.


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                i have found that if the windshield cowl seel is worn that you may have a harder time lining up the top and the doors, this will likely create a gap at the top between the window frame and the whindshield itself.i allways put top on then doors then tighten everything up together and it all lines rite up.