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  • brake rod extension

    I am coming to the end of the body swap and all along I have heard I need to make the brake rod longer to account for the thicker firewall on the fiberglass tub.

    I am looking for Ideas how to do this. Pictures would be a great help here. I have a few ideas but I didn't want it to be butch.

    I thought about taking this one, cutting it and threading it for a turn buckle so I have some adjustment. Or just making a longer one solid. I figured there were some creative people out there who have overcome this issue.

    Thanks in advance,


    PS - wen for my first ride in 3 years Sunday.

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    i have a glass tub and had no problem with the brake rod. the clutch rod i cut and welded in about an inch to in the middle. i just used some scrap steel, ground it down smooth and rustoleumed it.


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      my brake rod I just took the thickness of the fire wall and cut and add that much to it worked fine


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        I cut the original rod in half and welded in a piece of steel the length I needed. Haven't had any issues with it since.


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          I just took a piece of tubing and slipped it over both halves after I cut it and welded it back up. I didn't cut it in the center because It needed room for the boot.
          The pipe makes sure nothing is going to break in two if the weld fails. I could of probably not even of welded it because it was so strong with the tubing. Better safe than sorry on the braking system.

          Note, these dimentions may not be what you need. Check your own setup. Mine has the OE firewall brace attached to the Fiberglass firewall.
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            if you want an adjustable one these guys sell it. also gives you the ability to improve the braking on the jeep by redrilling some brackets and changing the amount of leverage you put on the system. read the article here.


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              Great! Thanks for all the great ideas. I'm sure this will get me stopped.

              I probably wouldn't need to make it longer if I wanted to change the brake light switch around. I don't have enough adjustment in the switch to make it work so I will lengthen the rod to get move travel and make the switch function.

              Great link also. good to know tht is avialable.