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  • Carter to a 2100

    I have been researching this and could someone jump in if I have it wrong. I guess I'll need the new carb, an adapter plate for the intake, a manual choke possibly, and a mod to the throttle(push vs pull). If anyone has detailed instructions or pictures on the swap, what I can throw away...I believe I still need to hook up the vacuum advance for the distributor. Aside from that, I belive I can pitch all the emission stuff. I'd appreciate as much correction and recommendations before I "go for it", but the Carter is killing me. I am now moving to a state where I can do it...NOT CA!!

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    How about a holly 4bbl?

    I assume you have a 4.2L 258, There are several intake manifolds that are made for 4bbl carbs. I have an offenhauser hi flow intake and a Holly 4 bbl carb. and it woke my 258 up. something really cool might be to go with the holley truck avenger witch is made to work on steep inclines as well.


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      maybe this...

      Mike, see if this will help any.

      Also, I think Brikabee recently did this. Might pm him.


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        Sent you a pm
        I did mine a while back on a 79 CJ-7 with the 258, I am not using any smog or vacuum advance. Just had to advance the timing some,I know have a manual choke with a rear pull throttle linkage. Best set up I have ever had on the jeep.


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          I just did the 2100 conversion a few months back. I did the rear pulling throttle linkage too. It's a great conversion. Go for the manual choke though. The electric is a piece of crap.


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            I did this swap a while back as well.

            Summit carries a really nice adapter, I like it better than the MR gasket one I dont remember the part # though.

            My carb has enough ports for any and all emissions you would want to run. I kept the EGR, emis. canister, and vac advance. Runs like a charm.