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  • 1tuffcj

    I'm a new guy to this forum. My son and I are doing a frame off build on a 1979 Cj5. It's been in the family for 16 yrs. Got big plans- waiting for parts.
    Question: Will factory seat brackets fit in a fiberglass tub from 4 Wheel Drive Hardware? I'm also interested in making the driver's seat a slide. I'm using Beard seats. Any advice on doing a frame off would be appreciated.

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    do as much to the frame lines brake/fule befor the body goes on


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      Hey 1, I am kind of new too but I am putting a 4WD body on my 84. Welcome to the board.

      You made a great choice with the 4WD body. The body has worked great for me so far and the support you get is great too.

      My seat brakets bolted right in, no prob.

      My advice- (please discount for amount of time under hood)

      #1 save ALL you old parts until you are totally done. You will go back 847 times to look at holes and bolts, etc.

      B- ask lots of questions. the tech guys are listening and will chime in as well as all those guys who have done the same thing you are starting.

      III- fit everything before paint. put it together and take it apart a few times to make sure all your holes are drilled where you want them before paint. look at all the pictures of other rigs and them do something creeative with your look.

      And finally- have fun! And post pics along the way.

      Good luck and stay in touch,



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        When I bought my 84 CJ7 last July I thought all I was going to do was replace the body. You didn't say what all you have done do your Jeep so I'm shooting from the hip here.

        After pulling the body off I got a closer look at things. There was no way I was going to trust that thing with my life if I did not replace all the plumbing. Two of the lines broke in two when I removed them from the frame. Take the day or so to redo all the plumbing.

        I also had two places I had to patch in my frame that I could not see until I got the gas tank out.

        my body replacement turned into a full frame off semi resto.

        I'll second the keep everything until you are 100% done. Even if you think you are going to not need something keep it. Go to the store and buy several boxes of sturdy ziplock bags. bag every bolt and every small bracket and label everything. Even a broken bolt keep it and label it. This is a small price to pay now that will help out so much when you go to put everything back together.


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          Welcome to the wonderful world of rusty Jeeps. Yes the stock seat brackets will fit the 4WD fiberglass body, as will most of your factory items. The only real issue is that all parts except fenders and dash(on Deluxe body only) will require thru bolt mounting, and we suggest sufficant size metal back-up plates. This will require longer mounting bolts in most cases.
          FYI our Stainless Steel body fastener kits are for steel bodies only!


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            thanks for advise

            re: FRAME OFF . I'll fill eveyone in, so far i've gotton the frame done, i durabac'ed it and i bolted on the new lift r/e 4.5 with a more shackle reverse.I have already baught all gas/brake line's from classic tube.i don't have the old body anymore as it was pretty rusted, but i did take lot's of pictures of brake/fule lines. waiting for my front and rear end from dynatrac .44 in rear with disc conversion 30 up front, their putting in new axles ,knuckels,hub's,brake's pretty much everything. also waiting for my new body from 4wd. they keep pushing my date back.getting frustraded,i orderd it on march 19.just today they said may 19 now will see? pictures coming soon.