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  • 84 CJ7 Electronic ignition problems - help

    The Jeep has run well till the other day...went to Wal-Mart and she fought cranking up when I finished shopping...thought I had flooded it or something...anyway made it on home.

    Night b4 last went to move it into the garage and no cranky. No spark. This morning (Sunday) I went to take a look and she fired up...ran everytime through several cranking cycles...went to take her for a drive and she died when I depressed the clutch and put it in gear. NO SPARK again...this time it is not coming back.

    I have used a voltmeter(and one of thosed 12VDC probes, the kind with a light) and on the low side primary side of the coil there is nothing happening, it should be coming on and off, the high side has 12VDC, not sure how to troubleshoot the distributer accuator, magnetic pick up (the thing that replaced the points).

    So, I am looking for troubleshooting advise along with recomendations on a good book to own in the future, I have a Chilton's 45-84 book, it is no help.

    Appreciate any help you all could lend.

    84, 258 6cly, 4 speed CJ7

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    Ignition module


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      Originally posted by xlr8n
      Best I can tell the module is located over the glove box on the passenger side...are we talking about the same thing?


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        Emmisions computer

        Fajah- the one under the dash is your emisions computer. Probably not where you need to be looking. The ignition module is on the divers side fender under the hood. It is located under the washer tank and radiator overflow tank.

        3 bolts and 2 connectors and your out. The back of the module has an epoxy coating to keep the weather out. Mine was cracked and let moisture in which corroded the board. I had spark except when cranking until I swaped out the module.

        If you have a friend to swap modules with with you'll know right away, otherwise if you suspect it at all I would spend the $20 and replace it. Some parts stores can check these for you but the results of that test are always questionable.



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          Thanks, I suspect it only due to the symptoms, $20 is not so steep. Thanks for the suggestions.

          Would you recommend a good manual, to help me in the future?


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            Any info is good info

            I have the Haynes manual. I have never looked in the Chiltons manual so I can not compare.

            Haynes will give you some simple troubleshooting steps and voltages for critical points. I do not care for the wiring diagrams in the back of the manual. I have yet to locate the key for the connectors they reference in the diagram and their location in the jeep. Sometimes you can figure it out but it would be great if they showed right where these were located for troubleshooting.

            Electrical problems are always very unique especially on old corroded parts that many people have owned previous. Your best bet is to dissect the circuit in half then again and again on the section that isn’t working until you are down to a single connection or component.

            Always use the search feature on the forum for more info on your topic.



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              Put in the module on at lunch and at first thought that I did not heal her. Put the charger on and after work she fired up and is running like b4....thanks for the help.

              I hope this is it.
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