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  • Real Valve Cover Time

    I'm getting ready to lose the OEM plastic oil seive, er, I mean valve cover. I need to drill and tap the block, i guess. How deep do I need to go ?

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    i guess. How deep do I need to go ? tapping on the block.....the head however is a whole other story.

    Usually the cover you go with will have instructions on drill depth. My head already had the holes in it from the factory so I tapped them and was done with it. Search around, I'm sure this has been asked before at some point or someone with the specs will add their $.02


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      Kingchip, I did mine a couple of years ago and drilled the head amost 1/2". I went a wee bit deeper than I was told to do but haven't had any probs. Also don't worry about buying the two studless bridges or replacing them if your kit comes with them. Get out the wiz wheel and chop em off. All in all it is very easy with the hardest part tapping the head with a bottoming out tap. A regular tap won't work very well if at all.


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        Alright Jeepwhore, my bad. Yea, it's what you said. Isn't that near the duckway?
        Texascj, thanks, I figured that if I hit oil or water it would be too far. I'm gonna buy the 4wdh unit. I haven't looked to see if holes exist yet, figured I'd see where the cover holes are. Thanks again, CHIP


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          oh, yeah...

          Originally posted by kingchip
          I figured that if I hit oil or water it would be too far.
          Bet that'd be one time a Texas man would frown on hittin' oil...

          Chip, it's a gamble but I've read where some of the guys try it without the rear hole. (You know how it is with gamblin', though.)


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            My cover had the front and rear holes in it along with most of the main side holes. Just had to drill and tap a bit.


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              I guess trying without the rear hole would be worth a try. What's the worse that could happen, it would leak.

              For that matter, you know how easy it is to get mud off the right side of the motor with oil all over it?