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  • previous owener wtf's?

    well, just thought id start a thread trying to see how much redneck enjanuity we have on our jeeps from previous owners.

    the newest thign ive descoverd is insulation. like, house insulation. inbtween body panals. wich, were patched with tin popriveted and bondo'd on.

    i realy didnt want to have to deal with this. o well.

    whats your stories.

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    Former owner of a Jeep I owned for two weeks didn't like the grooves in the rear floor. So he covered the whole floor in 1 inch thick bondo. I removed all said bondo expecting to find rust. No rust found. What the Hell?


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      Must be a trend with the insulation.

      The tub on mine was thickly coated with spray in bedliner.

      Once I got the tub off the frame and turned it over I discovered that basically everything from the back of the seats to the tailgate was cheap tin pop riveted on with insulation as some sort of filler and then covered in the undercoating.

      What the heck. I'm not taking this thing apart to put rusty panels back on it anyway.

      I wanted a $2000 fiberglass body kit for my $800 Jeep diddn't I? Yeah, right, sure I did.


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        The worst problems i found that the PO left me were all electrical. After they did the glass tub swap they grounded things some wiring hacks where all that held it together was crusty electrical tape...and some really butchered work on the bedrails from soft top and hard top mounting hardware....thats going to take some work to fix.

        Although, I did have a 65 IH Scout 80 that a PO decided to repair the bed with road signs. The bed was completely 'rebuilt' out of stop signs, crossing signs, etc all pop riveted together and bed-linered over...ahh that was priceless. I still have a few of the signs..


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          Broken Drive shaft "rewelded" back together two inches short of stock. Oh yea. My stock rear bumper is welded to the frame. Oh and I have standard "washers" between the drums and the wheels in the rear...that have to be there. Hadn't dug into the last one yet, waiting on the dough for one piecers.


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            Nothing on my Jeep, considering we're the only owners.

            My Mustang however...

            Previous owners found the gas tank had a hole in the top. Fork over the dough for a new one? Nuh uh. Let's just fiberglass the top of the gas tank.

            Next, we don't like the really cool looking silverish-blue interior, so let's just dye it all black so that the vinyl on the seats hardens and the dye will eventually start rubbing out of carpet, giving it a nice black&blue paint scheme.

            Last of the main things. The heater fan stopped working! Tell you what, let's just run a hot wire directly from the battery to an installed switch. Who cares if that means you only get OFF and HI. What? Fuses? What are those? You mean I could've replaced a fuse and not had to wire in that toggle switch. Oh well...


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              I think with Myrtle is wasn't dummy repairs so much as neglect. She spent her years on a plantation and it became pretty obvious after I got her home that NOTHING worked that didn't have to. Plus, I can't imagine the string of folk that probably had a hand in abusing her through the years. She had no top and she sat in the weather so practically nothing electrical worked except for the headlights. It's amazing how people can own something like a Jeep and let it run completely into the ground like that.


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                Both of my present Jeeps saw some serious abuse from previous owners.

                The CJ had a rusted through tank fixed with some tape and paint, the electrical system was repaired to death, the steering column was bent, the engine had a burned piston and valve, worn carb... body work with duct tape and paint as well the list goes on, I almost replaced the whole thing.

                The XJ has fixed electrical problems that I had to fix again myself. The ignition system was fixed with glue, had to cut the rotor and cap off the housing to replace it and on and on...

                BUT, the more I work on 'em the more I love 'em


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                  The Scrambler I picked up was in sad shape. The bed was rotted out so what did they do? Fix it with steel, bondo or something reasonable? Nope, put treated lumber in the bed and bolted it to what was left of the bed. The floor under the front seats was coverd with carpet, to hide the big holes in the floor. The only thing holding the frame together in the rear was, uh, oh yeah it wasn't. The frame was so rusted under a patch that it broke when trying to pull the roll bar that was welded to the floor out.

                  So this has become a long term total rebuild.



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                    When I got my 84 CJ7 back in July I noticed everytime I went to push in the clutch the floor would move down. I couldn't use the dimmer switch it would bend out of the way everytime I pushed it. pull the carpet and find a metal panel laid in and nothing to secure it. below that was a basket ball sized hole.. Same thing on the pass side. Diamond plate to hide the missing rocker panels. the floor was barly tied into the side panel. I believe it was a total of 4 inches of metal to metal. the rest was metal to air or metal to resin less the fiberglass.

                    Electric fan that was wired in straight from the battery to a switch with no fuse or relay. Crappy fiberglass job all the way around.

                    4 point harnesses bolted to the floor with cheap hardware.

                    I was once asked the question of when was I in the most danger and feared for my life. the correct answer was driving my Jeep after I bought it.

                    I plan to be done with my frame off mid june in time for 4th of July. Oh the POs out there what will they think of next.


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                      I picked up an 83 CJ5 a couple years ago from the original owner. he had paid someone to replace the body with a fiberglass tub and and rebuild the entire jeep. they did a pretty good job from what i could tell other than a few bolts that were never tightened. they put a new steering box on and replaced a lot of other parts. as i was going out my driveway one day last fall i suddenly had no steering. i managed to get it back in the garage and found that the bracket for the steering box was totally rusted apart. there was no way that bracket was useable when they did all the work. they tried to weld it to the frame and half the bolts were missing. i'm just glad it happened in the driveway, that would have made for a fun ride if it had come apart on the highway. and the day i picked it up, it had just come from the pennsylvania inspection station and they ok'd it. just shows that if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. if i have to pay someone to do work that i can't do on it i plan to stay and watch the work being done so at least i know it won't kill me.


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                        I bought my '76 CJ-5 from someone who restores cars for a living. I should have caught a clue when he said "don't think of this Jeep as a reflection of my restoration work". Both front floor panels were rusted out, sheet metaled over(minus welds), and then fiberglassed over. He bought the CJ while in the USMC and stationed at Camp LeJeune, NC which is on the coast(salt rust). When he got out, he moved back this way, put a bikini top on and left it to mother nature for several years, driving it occasionally on his land. I'm glad I love Jeeps.


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                          My 82 CJ

                          I purchased a 82 5 from a used car salesman. The CJ had been sitting in the back of his lot for 5 years with just a bikini top on it....And up here Chicago winters tear a jeep apart... It had no floor left in the back and driver and pass floor. When i sat on the seat for the first time it almost fell through... The only body mount holding the jeep to the frame was the frount one. But I have to admit... I would of purchased this thing again if i had the chance.. It has taught me a lot.. like how to weld and fabricate ... Its what people say after the restor is done that keeps ya doing it... Like Wow is that the same jeep...


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                            When a fuse blows... Just wrap it in tinfoil.

                            I got all you PO body work beat...


                            The quarters are all bondo, road signs aluminum and plastic, the floors are made out tin from a swimming pool, the seats are bolted to road signs that bolted to the tin that covers the rust. There is not a single spot on the tub that doesn't have bondo/fiberglass on it. The electrical has been suplemented with household extension cords, masking tape on the splices or just taped out of the way. I decided to sell it when the motor started knocking. Frame was solid tho... that was about the only thing. Trans and T-Case were good too.


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                              JOE!!! Thats awesome!!... Do you have any after pics??