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  • Help, my running lights are too bright!

    so what's the problem? I put in a centech wiring harness in my rebuild, and all the lights and running lights, and blinkers all worked fine. I thought it was great.

    until i noticed that when my lights are on, my blinkers don't show up. I mean they blink but you can't see the blinking. i took the running lights apart (all new as well), and it turns out that there are 2 filaments in the bulb.

    well in my setup, the bottom one is so bright (as the running light) that when the blinker goes on, you can see it but ever so faint.

    I thought heck, it was the ground wire. nope. grounded ok.
    then i thought the wires were reversed. nope. switched them, and it didn't work properly.

    so i guess i only turn in the front during the day time.

    Any one ever hear of something like this happening? It's all default idiot proof wiring from centech, so I don't know how I could mess it up. But heck, there are alot of things that could go wrong.


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    It's a dual filament bulb. One filament is designed to burn brighter than the other. I do not believe this is a ground problem since you do get bright illumination from one of the filaments.

    1) The bulb is in backwards.
    2) The pigtail is shorted or the lead tips on the bulb (external) have melted together.
    3) The pigtail is wired backward such that it illuminates the wrong filament at the wrong time. (i.e. running lights illuminate the bright filament when it should illuminate the dim filament). If all four corners act the same I suspect it may be wired incorrectly from the headlight switch or coming from the turn signal switch.

    I personally have not rewired a vehicle before but have come across the aforementioned problems while troubleshooting symptoms you describe.

    Hope this helps.

    BTW - I saw a pic of your restored Jeep in another thread and it is beautiful. Great job!
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      I agree its sounds to me like the wires to the bulb could be backwards.
      the blinker should be brighter than the running light.


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        I'll third that.


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          the back harness is ok. blinkers and brakes and running lights all work fine. It's just the front that is weird. The strange thing is that the harness is new, the connectors were all centech originally wired, and the running lights with bulb are all new.

          I also thought about the wiring wrong issue. heaven knows how many times I've wired the wrong thing up. but i made up a connector which reversed the two wires from the harness to the bulb. Never checked to see if the bulb connectors got melted.

          With the lights off, the blinker works. with the lights on, the blinker is works but can't be seen. It's so strange.

          You mention a dual filament bulb. that I got. I'll keep checking the wiring and who knows, Centech could have something messed up as well.

          Thanks for all of the information. Of all the things that i ended up doing, i thought hooking up the headlights/running lights was a no-brainer.

          Got that wrong. ...


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            the bulb is more than likely installed backwards, pull the bulb out and install it 180* from where it is.


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              Originally posted by thejeepingoat
              the bulb is more than likely installed backwards, pull the bulb out and install it 180* from where it is.

              It could be if your strong enough but generally the offset pins prevent you from turning the bulb if it is inserted wrong. However with the cheap sockets today it's not inconsevable that you might twist the bulb in wrong.


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                it could be the simple things.

                u-no, you build or restore a jeep, with a billion moving parts, and you can't even put in a blinker bulb. what is this world coming too.

                You know sometimes we over complicate things, and I can't imagine how I could get my blinkers to work by putting in the BULB wrong, but heck I'll go out there and pull the cover, change the bulb around, just to make sure.

                u-just never know. How silly would that be?


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                  my original harness worked like you describe when i got my cj-7, the guy before me had wired one of the running lights backwards,it was an easy find and fix.


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                    wired wrong. ugh!

                    straight from centech, the front wiring harness and plug-ins to the front running lights/blinkers. All idiot proof so i thought.

                    check it out tonight, and made up a temp cross over connector, and sure enough the centech boys wired it up wrong. Changed the black with the red, ground it up, and i've got blinkers and running lights no problem.

                    thanks to all who gave the suggestions. Never take it for granted, and check your work i guess.

                    y'all have a good night.


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                      You got them wired backwards. running should be dim and the blinkers bright. But it could be all of them are wired backwards


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                        Just the front.

                        reversed the wires and the front's work fine now. seems like a waste to have to cut into a perfectly good connection setup.

                        anyways got that one figured out, so now it's off to the next issue.

                        Like we never get finished...... thanks to all who have commented.