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  • CJ vs. Wrangler

    OK guys I know alot of you have newer Wranglers. I am thinking about getting out of the CJ business and getting a TJ. What I want to know is if I am crazy or not. I have a chance to get an 02 Sahara w 6" longarm lift that was done right (as well as gears and such). I have an 83 CJ7 limited that I am just getting tired of working on. Just looking for yalls oppinion. Thanks for your time.

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    CJ is just plain fun....but I hear ya. Can you have two?


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      Originally posted by gnarly
      CJ is just plain fun....but I hear ya. Can you have two?
      Not enough $$.

      I always stayed with CJ's because I felt they were "true" Jeeps, but I have been hearing alot of good things about the newer Wranglers. (can't go square headlights though...its too much for me to handle)

      By the way I am using this for my DD more than a trail rig.


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        Thats a hard one man....the domesticated side of me says TJ, but the brute says CJ. You know you'll miss it if you let it go. I say save the bucks and have two, then decide.


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          Yup...gotta love the CJ. I wanted something old to work on so, that's what I got. If it was a DD I think I would have to go TJ depending on how far you drive.

          If you want to blame somebody for a bad decision down the road...blame me and stay with the CJ.


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            Here's My Take

            The TJ rides smoother, probably cuz of the coil springs. However, it is more prone to electronic problems. the dash is plastic, and contains much circuitry, and doesn't like water. A problem if you go topless. The seats are fabric, another water issue. The dash being plastic makes it weak. The stereo in mine is broken loose as we speak, from weak support. Oh, and did I mention that I prefer CJ's. There is just something about driving a classic that a TJ can't do.


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              The CJ guys...

              I'd do both if there was anyway possible, Hntndawg. If you park the CJ and 'diddle' with it when you get a chance you will reach that 'break even' point with regard to having to 'wrench' on it all the time. I swear I thought I'd never get Myrtle to the point where I could trust her to town and back. I just kept savin' my bucks and pluggin' away. Now, I'm pretty confident in taking her just about any place I please.

              I like Chip's take because he actually owns each. And a new/er one sounds sweet to me as well. (I just wouldn't kiss Myrtle goodbye to make it happen.) Isn't that what I heard Chip saying?


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                You just can't beat the classic

                I vote CJ all the way.

                For me the comparison is this....

                Look at a chery 63 impalla, then look at the new impalla, you just can't compare the two. The new impalla has loads of technology, but the classic has style! There is really no substitute for that.

                If you can't have both then do this.....

                Take the purchase price of the TJ and invest it in the CJ and see what a sweet ride you get!

                Or since it is your decision, if you go TJ, call be and I'll take the CJ off your hands.


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                  If you get rid of the CJ, what are you going to do with all your time?????

                  In my humble opinion I would stick with the CJ. They are becoming more scarce out there. Yes, I know there are a lot of them around, but I have only seen maybe three other CJ's in my town of 30,000 people. As said above, CJ's have style.

                  If it's your DD, then it's a little bit of a different story. I know what it's like working on your DD on the weekend and pressing just to get it finished for the upcoming week.



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                    Well, I really don't have many bad things to say about my tj, no problems, but i would go cj. I agree with Tracraym, invest that kinda money in the cj, and you will have every bit of what you need, with style (like they said). Its awesome to see cj's driving around, they are plain cool. Its something about goin down the road and havin everyone watch you as you go.

                    Just try to make the choice that you will not regret. I am sure there are plenty of tj's done right out there, but its even better to see a CJ done right.


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                      I am a bit partial to the CJ's. I have had several CJ's - all of them "projects" (hopefully the one I am doing now will move out of the "project" category at some point, but then again are you ever really finished with any jeep???)
                      I would stick with the CJ, put the spare nickels dimes and qtrs into it and at some point you will have a real classic. I don't know how many times I have heard my dad say "boy if I still had that (insert old classic car or motorcycle here)_______" and gaze off into a distant fond memory of a great old vehicle.
                      Keep the CJ... it will be 20-30 years before the TJ will be a classic... if its still around and the plastic parts have'nt warped out and faded.
                      but then again its just my opinion and as we all know, opinions are like asses... everyones got one and their all different!!!!


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                        Keep the CJ.


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                          cj's rule

                          I second everything above. I live in hawaii on the island of kauai, all the car rental company's rent wrangler's not cj's. you don't rent classics you own them 79 cj5 401 4.5 RE lift 4wd glass body doing frame off.


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                            driver or toy

                            Nice find sounds like a daily driver though.
                            I found out a long time ago that to play hard and be to work on monday you need to seperate your toys from your dailey drivers.

                            I am very hard on my toys. But, it's ok because when I gernade a front axel or fry a tranny I can still drive my 2x4 "summer" to work on monday.
                            My dailey driver gets 17 to 26 mpg. It is set up for fast cornering and impressing the girls.
                            My toys get between 6 and 11 mpg. They ride hard, are not road legal, are heavy tough and have been taken through the woods a couple of times.
                            Keep both or buy a toy and sell the cj.



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                              I was looking at the same situation about 8 years ago, and instead of going with a TJ or YJ, I decided on a ZJ for a DD, and kept my CJ, which at the time was an 86. I'm glad I kept my CJ, even though the 86 is mostly gone abd I have a 79 now, and an 02 WJ as my DD. But nothing beats a classic. And having something else for a DD should reduce how much you drive the CJ, maybe reducing the time spent working on it.