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  • Master cylinder push rod? Wrong one?

    The brake push rod disconnected from the clip that was holding it inside master cylinder and bent washers and such inside. bought new master cylinder cause cheaper than ordering kit. Anyway push rod I have has a, for lack of better word, bump at the end that did not fit through washer supplied and did not have groove in it that was supposed to catch clip. Well I ground down knob and made a groove with my angle grinder. It worked quite well for a while. Then clip broke and push rod started slopping around again and bent washer again. Looking at Haynes manual it looks like I have a push rod from single cylinder master cylinder and the master cylinder I have has 2. Does anyone remember what their push rod looks like. My jeep is 76 CJ5 with manual brakes and lines exiting to passenger side. Looking at the 4wd catalog years 72 - 86 should be okay. How far from tip is the groove? What is the length and diameter of the rod? I am thinking of trying to get a machine shop to fix mine if I can't find a used rod. Thanks

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    all right...

    ...good GRIEF...

    I'm looking down at my push rod as I type... sorta...

    I have no CLUE about your woes, Neophyte, but your post cracked me up...and I think that's the coolest avatar in awhile... MUTTS RULE


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      I was wondering if I would get some rod jokes. Like my tip is in the groove and size of rod does matter. Anyway hands off the rods. Anyone know anything about master cylinder actuators? Ha Ha!