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  • New 'Glass Body

    I recieved my 4WDH fiberglass body on thursday and I finally got a chance to work on it today. I cut out a ton of holes and all that and I am at the point where I am putting the fiberglass hood on. the edge of the hood that goes against the firewall looks like a blind 4 year old cut it, and it was about 3/4 inch to long. I cut it straight now and it seems to be a little better but the hood seems like it is sagging in the middle which makes it stick to far out on the sides, almost like it is wanting to cave in. Is this normal, and was I supposed to cut the hood? It also seems like I will need to do lots more cutting along the bottom of the body at te rocker guards, not only because the bottom is similar to how the hood is, but also the fenders seem to be to far from the hood. Does any of this make sense? can I bend the hood back a little to make it work or should I use my old steel hood?

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    Mine fit together fine no trimming needed .Did you talk to 4wd poss bad hood?
    One of these days will try to get some pics on site .
    85 cj 4"sky jacker mc2100[not right yet]4wd delux body 31 waiting for 33 tires mostly daily driver.Looking for trail riders in western mass.


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      i had some fitment issues with mine also the rear of my hood is resting on the fenders and up towards the grill so i had to put 4 rubber washers under each hinge to try and raise the rear of the hood, and i did do some trimming along the bottom of mine too to get rid of some slight wavyness


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        what about the body length!!!!!!

        before you drill the holes for the body mounts to the frame, make sure you get the back end of the body supported by the back rail bumper. I drilled mine twice, and had to fix it up.

        u-definitely need to get it supported else it breaks. it only have me about 2 inches before it hit the engine.

        just a note from someone who had to do this.

        Now it works fine, but it was pretty tight up there byt he firewall.

        Let us know how it goes.


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          Umm... wait, what?

          Im not quite sure what your trying to say bigdaddy. the back of my body is aligned with the very rear crossmember, but there is still a gap inbetween them. the enginge is about a couple of inches from the firewall. Is this okay? I have already drilled the mounts and everything is bolted on. I hope I did that right. I need to get a new grill though due to rust. Does anyone know if I can get a fiberglass grill. I can't seem to find one but they show one in the movie on how to put on a fiberglass body. I don't really want a metal one.I am just about ready to take everything apart to paint it. Is there anything else I should check for or might have forgot? Oh and also if I have 3.51 gears, would it be possible to get 35's? there is a lot of wheel well clearence and 35's might look better than 33's. I kind of want a bigger foot print to help keep me planted flat on the ground too. Thanks for the responses.


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            Don't mean to hijack this thread, but you have to drill the body mounts on the glass bodies? Just want to make sure because I had to patch my rusted out mounts on the frame and i haven't cut holes in them yet because i didn't know if a glass body had them drilled in it or not.


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              I don't know about the new tubs but the old tubs needed an adapter to mount a 4WD tub.

              It stradled two if the body mounts so you could put one of the mounts in the correct location.

              You can see the Stainless Steel adapters on either side in this picture:

              Also mine has about the equivilant of a 1" body lift.


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                u-seem to be ok.

                the adjustments I had to do was because the tub I got had the holes drilled for the mounts already, and I had to swap out the frames from an 78 to an 82 because of rust. when I lined up the holes, the frame rail in the back was in the wrong place.

                yup, moved the whole thing forward and was all set.

                Good to hear you did well.