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  • roll cages

    what is the debate i read about bolt verses welded roll cages, is it like the tubes are bolted together or bolted to the floor verses welded tubes and welded to the floor?

    where can i get a great roll cage that begins behind the windshield and goes to the back for a 1978 cj5?

    need some help, like what people say its you life, and i have already had my close calls, already hydroplaned when bringing it back home from the PO. it has a roll bar in it, not sure if stock or not but is sits behind the seats and i believe two bars come straigt off the main veritcal bar at i think 45 degree angle.

    please help.

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    When took my CJ 5 apart the bolts holding the roll cage to the floor literally snapped off.
    With no more torque than I could put on them with a shart 3/8 inch ratchet handle.

    If that tells you anything about stock cages that are 30 years old.


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      I custom built on for my 82 5... One large hoop that goes from the driver floor up along the windshield to the lower passanger floor and 4 bars over the head from the existing roll bar to the new bar by windshield. Welded it all in and the Rino lined it.... I'll get some pics.. If you know someone who can operate a Pipe bender or if you know how your self its not that hard to make the pipes... Then weld them in and your good... Total cost.. 100 for the pipe 100 for the weld job done by a prof shop...


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        here's what i did with mine... granted its a cj7, but you could do the same in

        messed up with the picture... scroll down
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          ok, maybe you can see this pic better. sorry about the massive one above.

          good luck
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            this is mine


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              401, you have a fiberglass tub, how did you mount the bar? Is it tied into the frame also? Did you just sandwedge the tub between?


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                frame tie in kit and I put a hunk of rubber between the tie in kit and the body to take up some movement


                rear back

                rear front


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                  Well mine isn't as advanced as that.. But it holds its own...