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  • BZ from the military

    ALL of you Jeepers....I have a buddy overseas in bad guy land and he was talking jeeps with a bunch of guys and the web site came up and the guys were really impressed on the overall attitude and support across all forums for the boys in uniform. I know we have some bad press lately, but I can't speak to that but I'll say this...APPRECIATE IT!! You folks have helped me fix up the Jeep from a low starting point, and I still ask a lot of stupid questions but you've all been patient and helpful. There really is not 1 clearing house for info like this one....THE GUYS EVEN APPRECIATE BOP.

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    the men...

    Mike, this afternoon I stopped at a little country store for my 'Friday Beer'... OH CRAP... he drinks and drives. I must be the ONLY one because the cooler of ice with the singles in it is ALWAYS full.

    There was a soldier in line in front of me. When I paid for my illegal booze I walked out and he was tending his cooler in the back of his truck. I walked around until I was close enough to draw his attention. He looked up at me and I extended my hand. He took my hand without hesitation. I said, 'Thank you for your service, soldier.' He didn't break a note and said, 'No, thank you, sir.'

    I said nothing else because I couldn't. He was a young man buying beer for his weekend wearing a uniform that heroes have worn and are wearing as I write these words. Yet, he thanked ME for stopping to speak. He might not be a hero but the way he took my hand made me think he's got what it takes.

    This forum is not 'special' with regard to respect for the military. Our chickensh!t media makes it appear so. A HUGE portion of America holds her soldiers close each and everyday. They simply don't have access to a 'talking head' that is willing to tell the truth.


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      Great post......I have been in for 20 and am still in the Navy...your gesture would have made me feel really great..THANKS!


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        I second that...Great post and an even better gesture. Being a vet myself I know I really appreciated it when someone actually said "thank you".


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          Amen Blackwater!



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            Big Mike ,,,,blackwater



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              i gotta give a shout out to the commercial airlines that fly soldiers home from iraq for leave. on my way back, they upgraded me to first class and offered me all the drinks i wanted.

              on my way back, a flight attendant woke me up to give me a brown bag full of assorted airplane bottles.

              the gifts were great, but it was the thought that counted. i only wish i could remember what airline it was.