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  • AMC 304 - Factory specs for the vacuum lines???

    Is there anywhere I can find EXACT factory specs for What vacuum line goes where on my '79 CJ7 304, so I can set up everything RIGHT brand new from scratch? (a manual or something) I mean just the mess on top of the intake. It looks like a plate of spaghetti up there... Thanks for any help!!
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    Bigsky, if you've not taken anything off yet just go to the parts store and get a 'liberal amount' of each size tubing then replace them one at a time. If you don't trust that they are currently correct go shopping for a factory service manual. (You can find them on e-bay most of the time if you're patient.) Don't get ripped off with the CD's that 'claim' to be FSM. Make sure you buy the real thing.


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      or if you know of a jeep club member they might have the "resources" to get you the FSM stuff you need.


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        How about this, from the 79 FSM:

        If that doesn't look right let me know, there's more in the book.


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          Hey Jeepster,

          That's REALLY close, but it's not quite what I have. I have a strange valve that has 2 lines going in and 2 lines coming out and an extra connector that connects a couple of lines right out front on top of the intake. A couple of my other lines aren't right either. I don't know if someone "FIXED" something before I got the jeep or what. This is what I suspected, that someone had maybe taken something off trying to just remember where it went and then put it on wrong, but why would they have put an extra valve and connector on there for no reason? That's why I'm hoping you'll have another diagram for me to look at! My carb works and everything, but awhile back I had some trouble. It still has a strong smell of gas when it's running, and I've pushed the air/fuel as far in either direction as it can go, and it still runs REALLY SMELLY RICH!! If the guy behind me lights up a cigarette, he's gonna be S.O.L!! I was thinking about getting a diagram and starting from scratch just to make sure it's right. It could just be the coil or the module or something. I don't know! Do you have any more diagrams for a 304 w/ auto? If you do I'd appreciate you sending me copies.

          Also can anyone tell me... If I order one of the intakes from 4WD along with a 4 barrel carb, will the new intake come with it's own vacuum diagram? If so what about all the PCV, EGR, NON-LINEAR, DIVERTER, and other valves and switches? Will it at least tell me what I need to buy and put where (hopefully)?

          Thanks guys!! Later!

          Also I have the timing down to around 8 or 10. How high should I go, and do you think advancing it to 12 or 14 will do anything? Maybe Even Higher??? Then maybe start from that higher point w/ my air/fuel adjustments???????? What should I set the timing at to start w/?????


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            BigSky, there are more 304/auto diagrams for different configurations, I'm sure. I'm going out right now-if I get back in time tonight I'll post the others. If I can't do it tonight I'll get it tomorrow evening.


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              BIgSky, this is the only other 304/automatic vac diagram. There is no California 304/auto, only manual, and several 360 diagrams, and lots of 258's. I hope this one helps.


              If this one doesn't do it I'm not sure--I think I'd do what blackwater says and try and reproduce the diagram that most closely matches the parts and connections you have. Let me know if I can help more. I'm definitely no engine or vac expert, but I have the book.


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                Exhaust fumes,, raw fuel

                My exhaust is also smells of raw gas.

                CJ5 304, with Eldbrock Performer Series intake & Carb. Can someone assist me with finding / learning proper vacuum line set up????

                I've attempted to lean the air fuel mixture at carb,, but not having much luck curing the raw fuel from exhaust



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                  Thanks jeepstir

                  Thanks jeepstir! I appreciate the trouble you went to. From what it looks like they are actually correct as far as the valves on the intake! I suspect that my extra valve that's just hanging up in the air with the 2 hoses going in and 2 hoses going out was just someone's personal handy work because I notice that according to one of your diagrams one of the hoses that's supposed to go to the purge canister is hooked to the wrong port.

                  Also kelse, you're having the same trouble with raw gas smell??? Anyone w/ expertise on this? Would a stronger coil, and/or a new ignition module possibly help this by more thoroughly burning the fuel? or would it matter???

                  Anyway, later guys! Thanks!!


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                    raw gas can be ignition related or carb related, but most likely is carb related. you could also try running a hotter plug.